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Still Waters Children Indoctrination Camp Hides Photo

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Still Waters Children Indoctrination Camp Hides Photo:

The past few years, we have published several articles comparing the rules imposed on children at the "Message" cult indoctrination camp "Still Waters." It seems that the Branham family has imposed rules on the children that were far beyond what was imposed upon themselves.

Cult victims and escapees alike were shocked to see photographs of William Branham's female children wearing miniskirts (above the knees) and sleeveless shirts. Many began asking the question: "Why are they claiming these clothes are too 'sexy' when William Branham himself allowed their children to wear them?"

Since that, our website has linked to the photos for comparison in many blog posts, articles, videos, and other literature. Evidently, there was an increased amount of traffic to the photo, and it was removed. The original link we helped VOGR advertise:

The Still Waters Children Indoctrination Camp has now replaced the text pointing to the image we linked, and has changed the web page link to force a download instead of open it on their website. The new link (while it lasts):

Why did Voice of God Recordings change the link? Why did they force it to download, instead of opening it above the text of their page? Do they no longer want our videos to compare the cult rules of the past to the cult rules of today?

Many may not notice it, but the new photo actually lengthens the requirement for women's sleeves. Rather than the sleeveless garments Branham's own daughters wore, they now require an additional three centimeters (according to comparing the photographs).

A link to several common cult rules: