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William Branham Performs Second Wedding of Rudolph Broy

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William Branham Performs Second Wedding of Rudolph Broy:

When we created our Government Records page on, "Message" cult victims and escapees were shocked to learn that William Branham performed the wedding ceremonies of his brothers multiple times after several divorces. To those who were influenced by William Branham's third attempt at creating a cult, this is very strange -- many cult pastors today forbid marriage after divorce.

Some of the more "progressive" cult ministers do allow remarriage after divorce, but only in the case of an affair, and only in the case of the male half of the marriage. In Branham's third ministry, he was very clear that only the men were gifted with this "privilege," and women were never to marry again. These court records came as a shock to these cult ministers, because Branham's brothers appear to have traded women around like cattle.

In an effort to reconcile this information, many cult ministers began claiming that William Branham's belief system was significantly changed after he [allegedly] met with an "angel" in 1947. According to this new doctrine, Branham's understanding of "the Bible" was negligible before 1947, and suddenly was gifted with infinite Bible knowledge after an "angelic visitation."

Recently Voice of God Recordings changed the date of this "angelic visitation" to 1946. According to VOGR, they have proof that Branham had a "healing ministry" as early as 1946. (While withholding information from their cult victims of William Branham's "healing ministry" of the late 1930's and early 1940's.)

Does this change, by Voice of God Recordings, present a problem to the ministers trying to reconcile?

According to court records, in 1942 William Branham performed the wedding ceremony for his brother-in-law, Rudolph Broy. Rudolph was married to Doris Barksdale on June 18, 1942. (Five years after William Branham first claimed to have had a "healing ministry.")

Later, on March 4, 1946, Rudolph Broy divorced Doris. According to the court proceeding, it appears Doris fled the State. Her name was called loudly three times in court, and when she did not appear, their divorce was granted.

A few months later, November 1946, Rudolph Broy was remarried to Inez Asher. Not only does the court document clearly state that Rudolph Broy was previously married and divorced, William Branham himself performed the first ceremony.

Can "Message" cult ministers still claim that William Branham practiced what he preached after his [alleged] "angelic visitation?"

Throughout the past several weeks, we've been publishing information that has been concealed from cult victims concerning William Branham's second ministry, as well as his description of his first (failed) attempt at a ministry. Readers were quick to point out how different Branham's "second ministry" appears to have been than his third. Those examples, however, are from 1945-1946 -- which fits with this court document. William Branham was remarrying after divorce as late as 1946.

Did William Branham change his opinion? Or did he always fail to practice what he preached, even in the early years?

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