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Was William Branham Honest About His Family

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Was William Branham Honest About His Family:

Recently, we published information examining Branham's claim that his family was NOT involved with the circus. Many were shocked to watch Branham claim his family were not part of a circus act in one breath while making false claims about the city of Jeffersonville in another breath. Suddenly, many began asking, was Branham's family part of the circus?

Interestingly, researchers have further examined Branham's life from the circus angle. John Ryan, who Branham often mentions as a fundamental part of his ministry, was an acrobat:

Brother Ryan, I'm speaking of you. Would you just stand up? God bless you. I was... One of the first men that I heard speaking in an unknown tongues. He's a converted catholic. He used to be an acrobat.
Branham, 52-0718 - For Him Will I Accept

Even more interesting, it appears that Branham's brother Howard was also an acrobat. When referring to Howard in a 1950 sermon, Branham claims Howard was in "acrobatical" work:

And when he got home, he said, "All I want to see is my brother to pass by me." Here he is: perfect health. Instead of returning to the Lord like he should've done, he become an acrobat, went out doing acrobatical work.
Branham, 50-0227 - God In His People

As it turns out, more of Branham's family history is placed into question. Significantly, it would seem, since Branham makes what appears to be an invalid claim concerning his father during a "supernatural" event. As he often did, Branham claims that his father was not religious:

The morning of my birth, I'm told of my parents, that there was a Light came into the room and hung over me. My people was not a religious people. They did not go to any church.
Branham, 53-0800 - The Twentieth-Century Prophet

According to the Syracuse Journal, May 13 1915, Charles Branham from Southern Indiana was a faithful member of the "Lost Boys of the M. E. Sunday School." Jeffersonville, as many know, is often referred to as part of "Southern Indiana." Is this the same Charles Branham, father to William?

From the article:

The "Loyal Boys" of the M. E. Sunday School met Monday evening at the home of their teacher, Mrs. Alice B. Dolan, where the evening was given over to the review of the pleasant incidents of the year just closed. The occasion was primarily to give Charles Branham friendly farewells on his departure to his home in southern Indiana, Charles being one of the classes most faithful members.
- Syracuse Journal, May 13, 1915