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Message Cult Falling Apart In The Congo

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Message Cult Falling Apart In The Congo:

It seems the "Message" cult following is falling apart in Africa, many now coming to realize that the indoctrination of the cult's propaganda has many fatal flaws. Here are a series of videos that were televised recently detailing the account. Apparently, the problem is so widespread that television networks in the Congo have become interested.

The journalist announced that he is still waiting for the pastors of the cult to come and defend Branham, however to the best of my understanding, cult ministers are unwilling to respond. Claims of William Branham's strong ties to the Ku Klux Klan, combined with the many failed prophecies, are apparently very newsworthy in the Congo. How long before this information spreads to other countries?

If any are able to translate, please send us the transcripts.


"Correcting the Errors of William Branham, the 'Prophet' of the End Time'":
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