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William Branham's OTHER Life Story

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William Branham's OTHER Life Story:

Recently, we published articles pointing out that William Branham started his ministry with his own publishing company. As publisher, Branham had the ability to make the final decision on stories as they were published, make changes if necessary, and produce the "finest" quality newsletter possible. This worked to his favor if a story needed embellished, and to his disadvantage when readers learned that he himself was the publisher.

Woven through the 1948 and 1949 issues of Voice of Healing, you'll find Branham's own testimony of his "Life Story." It is flawless English for an [alleged] sixth-grade drop out, and hooks the reader into purchasing the next "episode" of his story. You can almost hear him saying, "Stay tuned next month for another exciting episode of My Life Story!"

To the cult victim in Branham's "Message" cult, you'll find these "episodes" read very strangely. They sound oddly familiar, yet quite different from the version of the tale that later made its way onto magnetic tape.

You'll find no mention of 1933 prophecies, of fantastic lights and massive baptisms, no angels with clean shaven or bearded faces, white hair or dark hair, turban or unkempt. In fact, there is no angel at all.

Branham's tale starts with the "Log Cabin" story -- without "supernatural lights" -- and walks you through his life to his "spiritual dream" (not prophecy). As you read it, you'll find it eerily familiar to stores of "visions" he later told on recording.

Why did William Branham change his tale?

These stories appear to have been compiled into his book, "My Life Story." The version we read appears very different from this original version. Did it change? Who changed it?

You can read his "spiritual dream" here: