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William Branham Praising Adolf Hitler - Believe Every Word

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William Branham Praising Adolf Hitler - Believe Every Word:

Yesterday, we published information concerning one of the many communes in William Branham's religious cult following "Colonia Dignidad. Apparently, a television show on the History Channel, "Hitler Hunters" investigated the grounds of the commune after learning that Hitler's personal bodyguard was one of the elders in the cult. After searching through the compound, they found evidence of the production of military-grade chemical warfare, as well as a massive production of weapons. But most disturbing was the hidden tunnels of the compound. There were torture chambers where children were beaten and sexually molested, high-voltage torture chambers, and a high-tech electrified perimeter with military-style watchtower. The "Hitler Hunters" concluded that the hidden chambers would have been the perfect place for Hitler to have found refuge had he fled Germany, and the fact that his own personal bodyguard was overseeing the operation was mind-boggling.

For those of you who are first hearing of this tragic story, Colonia Dignidad was a "Message" cult commune led by Paul Schäfer. It began to make headlines after a young boy escaped the commune and authorities were alerted to sexual molestation of young boys in torture chambers under the commune. Later, after a thorough investigation, it was learned that the commune was producing weapons, and using its facilities to torture political prisoners of the Pinochet regime. More information can be found here:

After publishing this article, we received quite a bit of backlash. Cult escapees and cult victims alike were debating whether or not William Branham could have possibly been involved with such a high-profile international crime. We received insulting submissions from our contact us page, as well as a flurry of communications from our social network sites. Many who were influenced by the "Message" cult's indoctrination are not aware of what goes on behind closed doors. Though we've published quite a bit of very incriminating evidence, many have not yet become brave enough to examine it.

So we decided to help them build up a bit of bravery by using William Branham's own words.

Branham often referred to the story of Joseph and his Brethren in Egypt from the King James Bible, Genesis 37. Those who know the story are aware that Joseph was the hero of the story, suffering from the persecution of his brothers, enslaved in Egypt, and rising to political power during a harsh famine. Because of Joseph, his brothers had food from the storehouses of Egypt during the famine.

William Branham would often use Biblical figures such as this when promoting his own extra-biblical doctrine. After adding the cult's extra-biblical rules and regulations, Branham would scream (Hitler style), "WE NEED MORE JOSEPHES!" When referring to Moses, "WE NEED MORE MOSESES!" Sometimes generically, "WE NEED MORE OLD FASHIONED {...}"

But while most victims of William Branham's religious cult are aware of these types of statements, many are not aware that he applied those same heroic names to terroristic organizations, terrorist leaders, and even international criminals who attempted genocide. Recently, we published a great deal of information concerning William Branham's promotion of the terrorist organization the Ku Klux Klan, and the many ties Branham had with the terroristic group such as William D. Upshaw and Imperial Grand Dragon Roy E. Davis. Branham, though knowing these men were slaughtering African Americans through their political agendas, continued to promote them until the day of his death.

Very few are aware that his heroic tales PROMOTED Adolf Hitler -- as the hero, not the villain.

In a 1963 sermon, for example, William Branham again refers to the story of Joseph from the Bible. Afterwards, while heads are bowed and Branham is praying to his "god," Adolf Hitler is awarded with the "hero" label:


Heavenly Father, we—we by faith look towards the future. I'm looking now, by faith, towards a coming something, Lord, upon the earth, that's going to draw Thy people together. When we see the denominational churches so pinning down and getting so different, it's really pushing the people out; just as it was in Egypt, a pharaoh rising, who knew not Joseph. As it was in Germany, and—and up into Russia, and Italy, the people raised up JOSEPHES, HITLER AND STALIN, MUSSOLINI, WHO HATED THE JEW. They had to go back to their homeland. God, You got ways of doing things, that we don't understand. And You pressed them. No home in Germany; everything taken away from them. Also, in Italy, Russia, no place to go. And they were sent back to their homeland, just to fulfill the Word.
Branham, 63-0630M - The Third Exodus


There are a few things to note here. Not only did William Branham praise Adolf Hitler as a "Joseph" during prayer, he also labeled Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini as "Josephs". Most disturbing is that they achieved William Branham's praise because they "HATED THE JEW."

We have published several articles during the course of the past few years exposing William Branham's anti-semitism. He claimed that the Gospel was not for the Jews, and often referred to Jews as "hook-nosed," and "ugly," he even called Jesus Christ ugly, using the passage "no beauty

Look at Him. The Bible said there's no beauty we should desire Him, little old spindly looking Fellow, probably was skinny and bony.


But remember, the Ku Klux Klan did not only rise up against African Americans. Their political agenda was also against Jewish Americans and Catholic Americans -- both of which William Branham appears to have been strongly against. The influence of Imperial Grand Dragon Roy E. Davis appears to have strongly impacted William Branham's sermons. Sadly, the cult is indoctrinated to overlook the hate speech woven through Branham's sermons.

But shouldn't they honor the new cult leader, Joseph Branham's wishes? Shouldn't Branham's "every word" be their "absolute?" According to Joseph Branham's sermons in Russia, those who did not believe "every word" should be disfellowshipped? (1 of 11 videos)

Could the "Hitler Hunters" have been correct? Was William Branham a nazi sympathizer? If not, why was the cult commune in Chili fortified as a military compound, led by Hitler's own personal bodyguard?

Why were weapons being stockpiled in Shreveport, Louisiana under the direction of Roy E. Davis? Were these weapons supplied by Colonia Dignidad? Paul Schäfer's arrival to the colony appears to coincide with Roy Davis' membership drives in Shreveport.

When one considers all of the many connections William Branham had to very violent organizations and their leaders, it is difficult not to ask the question: Why did William Branham allow the German Baron von Blomberg, who cult leaders now admit was homosexual, to be one of his campaign managers?

Then we're going to India, Baron Von Blomberg, a baron of Germany, which is one of our managers, leaves the fifteenth to go to make a dinner with Nehru in India. I have a little dinner with Nehru, then we come back to have a dinner with the king of Transjordan.

More on Von Blomberg can be found here:

We have published an overwhelming amount of information describing the types of men William Branham associated with. Had any single minister in the cult following even praised ONE of these men, they would have lost their pulpits the moment their congregations learned of the criminal activity. Why is William Branham not held to the same standards?

Joseph Branham has claimed that cult victims should "believe every word," and the cult as a whole preaches Branham's statements as doctrine they believe to be "fundamental" to "Christianity."

How long before we hear cult pastors praising Hitler because he "hated the Jew?"