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VIDEO - Inside A William Branham "Message" Cult Commune

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VIDEO - Inside A William Branham "Message" Cult Commune:

Over the past few years, Seek The Truth has published articles describing the horrific tragedies that occurred in one of William Branham's "Message" cult communes in Chile, South America. These articles have attracted an increasingly larger number of views in recent months after the release of the movie "Colonia," starring Emma Watson and Daniel Brühl.

For those of you who missed it, Colonia Dignidad was a "Message" cult commune led by Paul Schäfer. It began to make headlines after a young boy escaped the commune and authorities were alerted to sexual molestation of young boys in torture chambers under the commune. Later, after a thorough investigation, it was learned that the commune was producing weapons, and using its facilities to torture political prisoners of the Pinochet regime.

But is there more to the story?

Yesterday, an escapee of Branham's "Message" cult sent us information concerning a video series on the History channel. "Hunting Hitler" is a reality television show examining the many theories on what happened to Adolf Hitler after the war. One of those theories, which has become very popular in recent years, is that Hitler fled to South America for refuge.

The "Hitler Hunters," learning of Schäfer's ties to Nazi Germany, decided to investigate the commune. To their surprise, it was designed in military fashion -- not your average "religious" commune. A tall outpost stood hundreds of feet above the grounds, giving visible view for hundreds of miles in all directions. Branham cult followers labored night and day producing weapons of small, medium, and mass destruction -- from military rifles to sarin gas.

The German government and the United States government declassified documents describing the connection to Nazi Germany, and the investigators were astonished to learn that Hitler's own personal bodyguard was a leader in the Colonia commune. The "Hitler Hunters" decided to pose as "vacationers" and enter the commune to investigate further.

As they examined the grounds, they began to notice a series of electric cables running the perimeter, with military-style trip wires to alert the compound of the location of intruders. Tracing the wires, they found a soundproofed underground bunker designed for one man to survive in hiding for months. The "Hitler Hunters" concluded that the compound was designed perfectly to have concealed Adolf Hitler had he fled from Germany.

Are they correct? Did the "Message" aid in Adolf Hitler's escape? If not, whose? Why build such a sophisticated military-grade compound for "religious" purposes?

Some have argued that this commune's connection to the "Message" was not relevant to the rest of the cult. Many cult churches -- especially in the United States -- are not like this. They claim that the "Message" connection to Colonia Dignidad was a coincidence.

But was it?

Schäfer fled to an undeveloped wilderness area in Chile. There would have been no need to disguise the commune with a small-time religious cult from the United States. Especially one that most in the world were unfamiliar with. It would have been a much better tactical strategy to disguise the commune with the Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses that people are more familiar with. Why William Branham's cult?

Could it be that the "Message" cult actually assisted in Hitler's hiding? Is this why the cult had been stockpiling money for so many years?

But the bigger question: What are they stockpiling money for now, and how do they intend on spending the $100,000,000 in the United States accounts and the [alleged] billions of dollars in offshore accounts?

The Video:

For those of you who cannot access the video, it is on "Hunting Hitler", Season 2 Episode 8: Nazi Colony