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God Is Not The Healer - William Branham is

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God Is Not The Healer - William Branham is:

Many are contacting us through email, phone, and social networks to give feedback on the sudden realization that William Branham had at least three different ministries -- three different attempts at starting a cult following.

One researcher pointed out that in his (third?) attempt, William Branham claimed that he was not the "healer," God was. But as other researchers have pointed out, this was not always the case.

Early in his "career," Branham claimed to do the "healing":


Then one year ago, while I was standing in my yard the Spirit came to me again; I was told that God had forgiven me and that a double portion of the Power to heal would be given me.
-William Branham, "I Was Not Disobedient To The Heavenly Vision", 1945


What do you think? Is this scriptural? Can a "prophet" of God claim to bypass God? Or was William Branham starting out in heresy?

Some researchers have pointed out that men like Ern Baxter helped prevent some of this heresy in the late 1940's, begging Branham not to preach. Otherwise, his recorded sermons would have contained many more heretical statements that already exist.

Is this why Voice of God Recordings is hiding the first(?) and second(?) ministries? Were they so unscriptural that even Branham's own sons refuse to publish his early literature and campaign advertisements?