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Voice of God Recordings Caught Lying About 1946

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Voice of God Recordings Caught Lying About 1946:

This year, we published several articles from William Branham's early career, including newspaper articles from the early Branham campaign describing his "commission" to "heal the sick" that the ministry claimed to have been in 1945. We also published early advertisements of William Branham -- copyrighted in 1942 -- which shows a very popular young Branham as a "healer." In response, Voice of God Recordings published an article denying Branham's 1947 "Commission" to "heal the sick," and said that Branham's "commission" was instead in 1946.

But are they being truthful?

Cult escapees have sent us photo copies of material published from William Branham's "first ministry" -- William Branham's first attempt at creating a religious cult. In the original "I Was Not Disobedient To The Heavenly Vision," William Branham gives a very different description of his "commission."

There are no angels in hotel rooms with Billy Paul, as we've heard time and again from recordings of William Branham's "second ministry" and testimonies given by his son, Billy Paul Branham. Instead, Branham's "commission" appears to have come while standing in his yard. And his "first ministry" was initiated at 3:00 AM by a "vision," which led to the 1945 publication.

Has Voice of God Recordings been caught lying?

This publication is critical in understanding the connection between William Branham and the Ku Klux Klan's Roy E. Davis and William D. Upshaw. Shortly after Davis and Upshaw were caught swindling the people of San Bernardino, California at the "Ussher-Davis Children's Orphanage," and Upshaw was caught lying to F.B.I. agents to defend Branham's mentor Roy Davis, they went into hiding. William Branham, seemingly out of nowhere, enters the "divine healing" scene with what appears to be a strong financial backing. Did Davis and Upshaw purposefully transition their agenda to William Branham?

Why does "Voice of God" Recordings refuse to sell religious propaganda from William Branham's "first ministry?" Why is this "I Was Not Disobedient" pamphlet from 1945 no longer for sale? Why does VOGR deny William Branham's claim that his "commission" to "heal the sick" came in 1947? Do they no longer believe "EVERY WORD?"

But the biggest question of all: If William Branham's earliest materials are dated 1945 -- materials that many current and former members still have in their possession -- why on earth would they choose 1946 instead of 1945?

Does Voice of God Recordings not want their victims to know about William Branham's "first ministry?"

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