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Voice of God Recordings Responds to Seek The Truth -- AGAIN

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Voice of God Recordings Responds to Seek The Truth -- AGAIN:

"Voice of God" Recordings responds to Seek The Truth ... again ... strongly denying William Branham's 1947 "Commission" to "heal the sick." This time, they provide "proof" that Branham could not have been correct in his 1947 "type" of Israel and his ministry.

Is "Voice of God" Recordings being honest with cult victims?

This year, we published several articles from William Branham's early career, including newspaper articles from the early Branham campaign describing his "commission" to "heal the sick" that the ministry claimed to have been in 1945. We also published early advertisements of William Branham -- copyrighted in 1942 -- which shows a very popular young Branham as a "healer." In response, Voice of God Recordings published an article denying Branham's 1947 "Commission" to "heal the sick," and said that Branham's "commission" was instead in 1946.

They also claimed that the earliest recordings were "78 RPM records" -- denying the "Wire recordings" that so many struggle to hear in the 1947 sermons. Though Tucson Tabernacle sued Voice of God Recordings in 2003 for distribution rights of these "wire recordings" (document available on our website), their wording attempted to mislead cult victims into forgetting about the early wire recordings that were so popular in the early 1940's.
Apparently, they assumed it would appease the cult victims' curiosity.

It didn't.

Since they published that "response" from "the vault," our web traffic and social traffic are displaying strong evidence that the cult victims are not buying their answer. In the first few hours of our helping them advertise their "response," 8,000 views and 1,000 likes hit our Facebook site alone. That statistic has doubled in just the short time since it was posted.

Several have asked us why "Voice of God" Recordings -- who alienated themselves from several cult groups in the early 2000's -- would change their stance to a polar-opposite position. Many churches cut them from fellowship when Joseph Branham's video claiming "every word" of William Branham was his "absolute" -- and then began describing some of Branham's asinine claims as examples. Cult leaders and missionaries began an "EVERY WORD" campaign, claiming that if cult victims did not believe ... "EVERY WORD" ... they were to be cut from fellowship.

Has Seek The Truth, Believe The Sign, and Searching For Vindication changed the organization's marketing strategy that much? Are staff at "Voice of God" recordings breaking free from the cult's mind control?

If one examines what we see today, it appears that we have. Today's blog post by "Voice of God" Recordings not only rejects William Branham's 1947 claim to have been given a "Commission" to "Heal the sick" the "very day" that "Israel became a nation" -- they offer PROOF that William Branham was not truthful! The blog post from this morning transcribes a 1946 publication -- long before Branham's alleged "May the 6th, 1947" he claimed in his "second ministry."

Is "Voice of God" Recordings changing their strategy to match Believe the Sign? Are they changing from a website promoting William Branham to one that is now offering research material to disprove William Branham? Is this their first in a long line of "Humble Pie" articles?

... we hope and pray that every person in the organization finds the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and abandons the prophet worship that has been the way of the Muslims, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, and more. And former cult victims will receive them with open arms when they do, including all of us at Seek The Truth. May God continue to open their eyes.

For those of you who missed Voice of God Recordings' "humble pie" article, you can find it here:

Contact them and encourage them to continue digging deeper in the "vault!" If they no longer withhold information from cult victims, many, many people will be set free!

The video: