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1947 or 1946

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1947 or 1946:

Former cult members from Joseph Branham's camp, (William Branham is [their] absolute) are in a bit of shock that "Voice of God" Recordings would change the year of William Branham's "commission" without asking his approval when he "rides this trail again." According to Voice of God Recordings, publications prior to 1946 are not available because his commission to heal the sick was "in 1946." Do they not believe he will "ride this trail" and answer? Or are they taking liberties with the "life story?"

The biggest question that comes to mind: What other "liberties" have they taken? Will they also change the "1933" prophecies to "1931" to fit the newspaper's timeline of Branham's walking to Roy E. Davis' "Baptist" church? Or will they change it to "1932" like William Branham did while reading the exact year from a piece of paper?