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Voice of God Recordings Caught Withholding Sermons

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Voice of God Recordings Caught Withholding Sermons:

Earlier this year, we published several newspaper and magazine articles describing William Branham's very active early ministry. Many took notice that his "first ministry" did not quite match his "second ministry." Instead of being an all-power, "prophet for this age," William Branham was promoting hundreds of prophets and healers in the publication company he started, Voice of Healing. We asked why Voice of God Recordings is not publishing these articles by William Branham's publishing company, and why they do not make the early sermons available.

"Voice of God" Responded.

According to "Voice of God" Recordings, Branham was incorrect about his "commission" to "heal the sick" in his "second ministry." According to Voice of God Recordings, his "commission" was in 1946, while Branham claimed 1947 -- the "very day" Israel became a nation. (Even though he missed that "very day" by several months.) . Why would Voice of God Recordings disagree with William Branham?

It appears as though they do not want their cult victims to have access to the early sermons. According to the statement, there were no recordings in 1946, and only six recordings in 1947:


In 1946, after his Commission, Brother Branham spoke in 15 locations, in addition to speaking in the Branham Tabernacle. In 1947 alone he held 44 known meetings. These were held in various cities in the states of Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Texas. He also held meeting that year in these provinces of Canada: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Oh, wouldn't you love to have been in those meetings in 1946 and 1947? Unfortunately, there are no 1946 recordings, and only six recordings that date from 1947.

But is "Voice of God" Recordings being honest with the people?

When many become skeptical of the hundreds of "faith healers" Branham promoted in the Voice of Healing magazine he published, James Randi investigated Branham's claims. According to Randi, Branham was not quite the "healer" that he claimed, and when people left the "healing lines" uncured, they came back to challenge Branham. Instead of praying for them, Branham would blame them for his own failure. In the case of one man (whose breath likely smelled of cigarette smoke), Branham claimed that his smoking caused the disease to return, and then cursed him to a worse disease. An excerpt from Randi's book:


The Reverend William Branham, a former game warden from Jeffersonville, Indiana, is often credited with bringing the modern evangelical/ fundamentalist healing movement into existence in the 1940s. Pastor Branham was a fire-and-brimstone Bible thumper who offered his audiences spectacular performances and grand promises. He also was quick to blame his victims for their failures. In June 1947, in the town of Vandalia, Illinois, he apparently had cured Walker Beck, a deaf-mute. When he heard the next day that Beck's condition was as bad as ever, Branham replied:

I hear that Walker has smoked a cigarette after I told him that he would have to give them up. Because of this he will not be able to hear or talk and in all probability he will be afflicted with some greater trouble— perhaps cancer.

Tobacco seemed an unlikely cause for Beck's deaf-mute condition, since he had been born in that state. Branham was so convincing a preacher that, when he died in a 1965 automobile accident, he wasn't buried for four months because his flock expected him to rise from the dead at Easter. He didn't.

- William Branham, transcribed by Randi, James (2011-05-10). The Faith Healers


This is problematic in many ways, spiritually speaking. The failure of the healing, the curse of the man, the fear tactics used in the sermon, the uplifting of Branham instead of God, and more. Cult leaders have (falsely) told their congregations that Branham was never challenged when he was alive, and only now challenged long after his death. This book was written in 1987, long before the exodus from the "Message" began. But ignore all of that for the moment and think about the situation.

James Randi ... heard ... the statements. He transcribed the statements! Why do we not have access to the recording? Why do we not have access to the transcript? Why is this sermon not in the list of the "six available" from Voice of God Recordings?

Has Voice of God Recordings been caught withholding sermons?

Before they retract the statement on their website, check it out for yourself! The link to their blog post:

Contact them! Ask them why they disagree with William Branham's claim for a "1947 commission," and why they do not give us access to this sermon that James Randi examined!