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Voice of God Recordings Responds to Seek The Truth

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Voice of God Recordings Responds to Seek The Truth:

Recently, our website has been publishing posts that examine the early years of William Branham's ministry that are historically documented through newspaper articles, advertisements, and even the publication company Branham himself created as a business to promote his own ministry. Many began to take notice that his "first ministry" does not fully match his "second ministry." There is no mention of "seven prophecies," no supernatural lights at his birth, and the log cabin Branham describes is absolutely not the same location Jeffersonville cult members visit when giving tours of the "cabin's location."

These posts are creating quite a stir. Traffic to our website and social networks are up almost fifty times from last year, cult victims and cult members alike continually visiting to see what is next. All are interested in seeing the "historical brother Branham," when all they have ever known was the "mythological brother Branham."

Apparently, this has struck a nerve within Voice of God Recordings. There have been very few times since the creation of this website that the headquarters of the cult has responded to Seek The Truth's questions. In fact, I can only remember two other times, one of which they retracted for several months until we pointed out their retraction. (Technically, their republish of "Because He Said So could be considered a third response).

But are they being honest in their response?

We've asked why Voice of God Recordings "Vault" does not include information published about Branham's "first ministry," and why video footage of Branham's ministry is so scarce. Branham himself claimed to have had been gifted a video camera at Christmas (though he also condemned any who participated in the "Pagan" holiday). And Branham himself created a publishing company to advertise his own ministry as well as the ministries of hundreds of other "prophets" and "faith healers." Why are the video footage of the meetings and the early advertisements and publications not available for sale?

While their response does not include the video footage that appears to be lacking, they attempt to answer the question as to why their "vault" contains so little of Branham's early ministry. According to their response, William Branham's "Commission" to heal the sick came in 1946 -- implying that he could not have been very active prior to that. They claim that Branham was "sick" during this time, and only held a handful of meetings. (And as some pointed out to us, they ignore the multiple times Branham claimed to have been sick and "quit."

Is this an acceptable response?

Their response is a direct contradiction between William Branham's "type" comparing his commission to heal the sick with the timeline of the nation of Israel. Though he was not accurate on the date, Branham claimed that his ministry began the "very day" Israel became a nation on May the 6th, 1947 -- not 1946 as Voice of God Recordings now claims.


The six-point star of David, is flying over Jerusalem today. And a strange thing of that, that you might not know, the very day the Angel of the Lord called me out, May the 6th, 1947, and issued the gift to pray for the sick, was the very same day that Israel become a nation for the first time for twenty-five hundred years.
- William Branham, 54-0718A - The Great Coming Revival And The Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit


Does Voice of God Recordings REALLY not know the "Message" that they are selling for millions of dollars? Or do they disagree with William Branham's 1947 "type" because of the historical evidence now available to their victims? If so, why not disagree with William Branham and be fully honest with the dates? Why not include ALL of the historical evidence?

Earlier this year, we published articles from the front page of the St. Louis Post Dispatch describing a very active "divine healer" who claimed to have been commissioned in 1945. (St. Louis Post Dispatch, Sun, July 6, 1947). Last year, we published an advertisement for Branham's "healing campaigns" that was copyrighted by the United States Government in 1942.

Which date is correct?

1. William Branham's 2nd ministry claim that his "1947" commission was a "type" of Israel?

2. Willam Branham's 1st ministry claim that his "1945" commission initiated his "healing ministry?"

3. Voice of God Recordings' 1946 claim, issued to refute historical evidence?

4. Or S. E. Ramseyer's 1942 copyright with the United States Government?

Why would Voice of God Recordings choose a different date than historical evidence suggests? What reason would they have in rejecting William Branham's own account? Do they disagree with the "type" of Israel to Branham's ministry? What other of William Branham's extra-Biblical doctrines do they also disagree with?

If we remove the "type" of Israel, we also have to remove every single doctrine William Branham associated with this "type." Does Voice of God Recordings reject Branham's "rapture theology?" Do they reject his theology on the "two prophets" that would be sent to Israel? Does this mean that they also reject the "third pull?"

They have proven to us that they reject the Bible's accuracy when they produced the newsletter "Because He Said So." The publication of that article was solely responsible for several victims being set free from the cult. Will their rejection of the "Message" of William Branham also set cult victims free?

Either way, this is a milestone in cult history. We have now gone from their alienation of large portions of the cult by trying to enforce Branham as their "absolute, to their rejection of Branham's own doctrine when it was absolutely fictitious... :)

Before they retract the statement on their website, check it out for yourself! The link to their blog post:

Contact them! Ask them if they truly reject Branham's "type" of Israel, or if they are purposefully hiding information on William Branham's "first ministry!"

The video: