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William Branham - 1 Corinthians 11

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William Branham - 1 Corinthians 11:

A few people have written in recently concerning the subject of women's hair. One was asking for the article written on our website a few years ago studying why the Apostle Paul ended that subject with, "But we have no such custom and neither do the churches of God." That study can be found here:

For women escaping the cult of William Branham, this is one of the most difficult parts of the journey. As they begin reading the Bible for what it actually says, ignoring Branham's filter, many choose the freedom from never-ending tangles and drying time. Not all do -- it is a freedom, a choice, one that some accept and others do not. But it is a freedom that comes with cost when escaping the cult.

Many cult victims hurl insults at them as they leave. Most of these people are not concerned for the salvation of the escapee. Their primary concern is to condemn and throw stones. They treat women who leave the cult for Christianity as though they left for atheism -- and some would prefer that so long as the escapee did not speak against William Branham.

Why are cult victims afraid to examine the words of the Apostle Paul -- as they are spoken, and not as Branham filtered them? Why are they afraid to ask why Branham directly contradicted Jesus Christ in prophecy?

Most of all, why did William Branham allow his daughters to cut their hair, while blasting such men from behind the pulpit?

These are the questions asked in the video we created for those of you who are writing us. We hope this makes your journey into freedom less painful.

The Video: