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William Branham's Little Known Revenue Stream

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William Branham's Little Known Revenue Stream:

For the past few years, as we have worked with so many who are now escaping the cult following of William Branham, the "Message," there is a question that is often asked. Especially among those who have newly escaped and are finding their bearings, still believing that William Branham had a "gift," the vast majority of escapees wonder, "Why did William Branham have people write their names and addresses on the prayer cards? He wouldn't have had to do that if he was truly "given them by God" -- he could have written those things ... after ... the "discernment."

In stark contrast, those who we speak with whom have never been influenced by this mind control cult wonder how we could have possibly fell for this. "Did you really not put those two things together for all those years?

Earlier this year, we shocked both cult members and cult escapees when we published portions of the early Voice of Healing articles describing the "uneducated" William Branham as both publisher and editor of his own advertisement publishing company. Contained within the pages of those advertisements were pleas for more subscriptions, and for their day and age, subscriptions for Voice of Healing was costly. Most people -- including myself -- were unaware that William Branham had this additional revenue stream. What percentage of the millions of dollars William Branham's daughter claimed he had amassed by his death came from Voice of Healing?

But there is one source of revenue that many have overlooked. And it goes back to those "prayer cards."

Most business owners among you are aware that there is a lucrative business to be found in names and addresses. Even in today's world, to get lists of names and addresses come at a great expense. So lucrative, in fact, that names and addresses are stolen several times a year from tech companies like Yahoo, who recently had their data compromised. It is always big news when a tech company is forced to announce it, because along with the data comes passwords. But in reality, the names and addresses are actually worth more money than the passwords -- they can be sold to marketing agencies, and marketing agencies can store names and addresses legally.

Also business owners are aware that many names and addresses are useless. If the demographics of that data do not fit the target audience, they could easily find themselves trying to sell "bikinis to Eskimos" or bicycles to disabled veterans. Cleansed and validated data -- names and addresses -- is worth more than gold! Companies pay premium prices to obtain names and addresses for people more than eager to purchase their product.

Knowing that William Branham ran a publishing company that advertised his own ministry, this places the ethics of his "prayer cards" in question. All of his material that was for sale now had a large list of names and addresses that were both cleansed and validated. In fact, they were the perfect lists -- these were people in his meetings.

But what of the hundreds of men -- his competition -- that he advertised in his Voice of Healing publishing company? How much more were those names and addresses worth to these men? Especially the "rising stars," seeking to make a name for themselves?

Was William Branham really the ignorant, uneducated man he claimed to be? Or was he one of the most brilliant businessmen that the religious industry has ever known? How much of this "brilliance" came from Roy E. Davis, who had printing presses in Jeffersonville Indiana during the time when William Branham was his "assistant pastor?"