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Is the Message Cult Going Militant Again

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Is the Message Cult Going Militant Again:

It appears that the "Message" cult in the local Southern Indiana area are creating quite a stir among the townspeople of the surrounding cities. Some are starting to notice the weapons carried by cult members and cult leaders, and multiple people are contacting us to ask why these weapons are necessary.

Earlier this year, we published documents made available by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as supporting articles by Shreveport, Louisiana newspaper investigative journalists describing the weapons cache that was accumulating just outside of Shreveport during the brutally militant time period that later became known as the Civil Rights movement. Roy E. Davis, Imperial leader of the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, very vocal as he tried to separate the Klans from what he claimed was failed leadership, and unite them under one strong, militant force. And with the execution of several members and leaders of the Civil Rights movement in the South, one can only assume that Davis was successful. Just days after William Branham's death, the weapons cache disappeared, all Klan records were destroyed by fire, and all links between the terroristic organization and the religious cult from Jeffersonville were hidden from the people for over fifty years.

Though Branham supported and promoted the Imperial Klan leader throughout his ministry, Branham's death appeared to separate the religious aspects of the cult from the political growth of the movement. But was the separation full and complete?

According to the locals who have reached out to us, anyone nearing the cult's major compounds are warned away by militant force. Armed guards greet passers by with threatening stares, armed with what locals claim to be assault rifles. Even those in the neighborhood surrounding the cult's headquarters have contacted us to learn more about the military-style protection of the grounds. Apparently, those on casual exercise walks along the street feel threatened by the militant guard.

As it turns out, some of the locals have started an online support community to discuss the sudden appearance of weapons in the community. From the dates in the post, it appears they have been discussing the weapons for quite some time. If you browse to the last page of the comment thread, one commenter claims they were able to snap photographs of the armed guard.

The questions they ask are very valid. If this is simply a campground for children, why is there a need for armed guards with assault rifles? Especially when there are no children around! Has the compound violated their agreements with the local community?

Read the forum for yourself: