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Earlier this month, we published a page from an issue of "Voice of Healing," and many were surprised to learn that William Branham was the publisher for his own source of "vindications." Even more surprising, many suddenly became aware that Branham was predicting "doomsday years" as early as 1948.

But did William Branham's self promotion turn into heresy?

Towards the end of the April 1949 issue of Voice of Healing, on page 15, Branham's magazine offers a plea for readers to help them out. How? Send them money! In large, bold print, Branham's publication begs for readers to sign up ten or more people, paying their subscription. (Or, if they didn't want to do that, just send twenty-five dollars or more.)

What's more, subscribers who read stories such as the boy with the "seeing plastic eyeball" are to believe that this simple magazine can replace the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Clearly stated:

"Through the pages of The Voice of Healing, we can get the message of deliverance and salvation to them. One issue contains the Gospel equivalent to an 80-page book, and is presented in a style that most people will read."
- Voice of Healing, April 1949, Page 15.

What do you think? Could the issues of "Voice of Healing" replace the Bible? The book of Mark has 23 pages, and the book of John has 29 pages. Can an issue of Voice of Healing replace both Gospels? The book of Luke has about 40 pages. Can an issue of "Voice of Healing" replace it? Is it presented in a style that most Christians will read instead of the Bible?

... or was it presented for "itching ears?"

You can read the full issue here: