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Voice of Healing - Signs - Wonders - Prophets - Advertising - Business:

Those under the undue influence of the "Message," the cult following of William Branham, have been programmed to believe that William Branham was a one-of-a-kind prophet, seer, teacher, and spiritualist who alone had the power to peer into the future. All other "prophets" are "imitators," according to the cult propaganda.

But when one begins to browse through the Voice of Healing Magazine, the publication company started by William Branham to promote his ministry, the cult's indoctrination is quickly placed into question. Not only did William Branham advertise the "miracles" and "supernatural powers" of his own ministry, he advertised the "miracles" and "supernatural powers" of other men ... and women ... prophets and healers.

Incredibly, others have similar prophecies! And they have similar "miracles!" Readers will find it interesting to learn that many of the "prophetic insight" written in the articles of Branham's publication are aligned with the political turmoil and world crisis of the time. Was Branham truly a "prophet" for this "age?" Or was he simply another voice in a long line of businessmen looking to make a living from the unsuspecting prey?

Some unknown follower of William Branham has uploaded almost the entire collection of the Voice of Healing magazine -- all downloadable in PDF format -- to a website.

Read them for yourself! Learn about the men whose "gifts" Branham's own publishing company advertised! From Billy Graham and Oral Roberts to Wilbur Ogilvie the man who "healed" Congressman Upshaw long before he disguised himself in a wheelchair for Branham's "prayer lines," you can read of the others who Branham's publishing company promoted. Why do cult leaders say that Branham was the only one with the "true gfit?" Why did Branham himself make that claim? Was he guilty of false advertising, a criminal act in the United States? Or did he really believe they had a gift?

Grab them while they last! With the massive amount of information contained within these publications that contradict Branham's "supernatural" claims, one can only assume the site will be taken offline.

Here is the site: