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Yesterday, we published a video of a man standing very closely behind William Branham during his clairvoyance in what the "Message" cult followings call the "prayer lines." As we've pointed out before, there were many ways in which William Branham could have "discerned" the information through normal (not-superhuman) methods.

As a surprise to us, we received feedback from a large number of people -- both those still inside the "Message" and those who've found freedom from the religious oppression. People wrote us to voice their opinions; everything from William Branham was a good man with a real gift who later had a demon to those who thought WE had the demon for asking the simple questions asked in yesterday's post.

The most valid question, however, was not addressed in the feedback: Why was video recordings avoided in Branham's ministry? The technology was there, people with the skills to record were there, and an ample amount of money was there. According to Branham's own daughter, millions of dollars was amassed during Branham's ministry.

Instead, all feedback addressed the other question: Were people whispering in Branham's ear during the "prayer lines?" Many people -- even those who have now left the "Message" -- believe that the man standing behind William Branham in the video was "supporting him" because he claimed to be "weakened" after the "discernment."

There were many strategies that the "healers" in the Post WWII Healing Revival and its offspring used for "discernment." Several of them have now admitted their tactics, some of which very similar to what William Branham appears to use. Some used prayer cards (just like William Branham), but did not "discern" the first card. Instead, either a fake "sick person" was planted, or discernment was skipped. And when "their" prayer card was read by the "healer," he or she was actually reading the next person's "prayer card." As some have pointed out, Branham sometimes "discerned" the wrong name when the cards got out of order.

Others use "cold reading." Again, just like William Branham did, the "healers" would start with very vague "discernments" while watching the faces of the afflicted. As their expressions gave signals, the healer began to narrow in on a less vague "discernment." This is usually obvious when the "healer" says, "No, it's {...}" and then completely changes direction. Many who have left the message have pointed out the times they noticed Branham's "angel" changing direction or even getting the disease wrong.

Others still had men who gathered information from the crowds. Like we see in the videos of Billy Paul and other men in the meetings, they approached the "healer" during the "discernments," often whispering or passing notes. What other reason would these men have in approaching the "healer" during such a "sacred" moment?

And over time, it got easier. With the increase of technology, some used equipment to assist their "discernment." And the sick and afflicted travelled from meeting to meeting, getting to know the crowd. Eventually, guessing their disease, names, and even address was not so difficult -- they'd handed in prayer cards to several meetings before making it into the line.

My own grandmother was "discerned" during a prayer line -- without having handed in a prayer card. She had been in several meetings, knew several people in the group, and had almost become a fixture in the services. My family describes several road trips, week after week, to hear the "healer." And his "discernment" was nothing extraordinary -- he guessed that she was from "the south" -- which everyone already knew -- and that my mother had a virus -- which was about 80% of the sick crowd during the month of December.


Here is something that's on your heart. It's somebody you're praying for; child. You believe He can tell me what's wrong with it? It's got a virus. Is that right? [The sister says, "That's right. Yes."—Ed.] Do you believe God can tell me who you are? ["Yes, sir."] You're Mrs. Walker. ["Right."] You're not from here. ["No."] You're from the South. ["Right."] Georgia. ["Right."] You're going home, well. Jesus Christ has healed you and your child. Don't worry about it. It's over. God bless you, sister.
Branham, 63-1229E - Look Away To Jesus


There was also the feedback about the "healings." Many came into the lines, Branham successfully guessed their information, and they left "healed." But this was not uncommon during the prayer lines of the healing revivals -- no matter WHICH minister did the "healing." As we've pointed out with the recent Voice of Healing articles, there were hundreds of ministers with the very same "gift," and William Branham himself published advertisements of their miracles!

Some time ago, we published a similar scenario that was video taped. An atheist performed a healing revival, and many claimed healing. After the service, he explained to them who he was, what he had done, and how he did it.

If William Branham truly had a "gift" from God simply because he could "heal," then does this atheist have the same "gift?"

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