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Whispering Discernments Into William Branham's Ear

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Whispering Discernments Into William Branham's Ear:

For years, we've been told that Branham's "discernments" (clairvoyance) never failed, "not one single time." For those hearing about it second hand, reading about it in publications, or listening to the "discernments" on recorded sermon, this is entirely different than watching it happen first hand. When you consider this fact, one quickly begins to ask the question: Why was not more video recorded of Branham? The video recorder was available, and the campaign team had millions of dollars at their disposal. Why not record video?

Of the video we have, there are some highly suspicious activities during the "discernments." Last year, we pointed out the creepy whispering in Branham's ear during prayers immediately before his clairvoyance, and many began to ask the question: Was Billy Paul Branham whispering information into his father's ear for the prayer cards he collected?

But Billy Paul Branham was not the only person who approached Branham during these "supernatural moments." There were others. Take for instance the man, sitting immediately behind William Branham, who stands with his nose to the back of Branham's head during one of his clairvoyance sessions.

Why did William Branham have men standing behind him as he "discerned" the "very secrets" of the hearts during his "prayer lines?" Were these men whispering in his ear? If not, what purpose would they have in holding their heads to the back of Branham's neck?

Did William Branham avoid video-taped sermons because of the people who approached him in the prayer lines? Or did William Branham avoid upgrading to video-taped sermons because of the men who continually approached his ear before guessing the "secrets" written on the prayer cards of his "patients?"

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