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How Long Have The Branhams Been In Business With T. L. Osborn

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How Long Have The Branhams Been In Business With T. L. Osborn:

When Seek The Truth first started, and cult victims were beginning to learn that there were major issues with the "Message" cult, many things changed. Those trapped inside were seeing for the first time Branham's failed (or altered) prophecies, untruthful tales leading to supernatural claims, and more.

Cult leaders fought back with the best ammunition they had: "witnesses." Many referred to Fred Sothmann's testimonies, Voice of Healing articles, and even statements by the famous T. L. Osborn. "Why would Osborn support one of his competitors?" they asked. "What would he stand to gain by promoting William Branham?"

As it turns out, Osborn has been in business with the Branham family for many, many years. He was an editor of the publishing company William Branham created, and in multiple business ventures with Joseph Branham, Billy Paul Branham, Larry Ervin, Floyd Patterson, Fred Sothmann, T. L. Osborn, and Kenneth Hagan.


Reading through the Voice of Healing articles, we find out that their bond was much deeper than meets the eye. Even T. L. Osborn's brother was advertised as a "faith healer" by William Branham's publication. According to the article, "God" has made "a plastic eyeball" give site to the empty eye socket!

A few years ago, most in the "Message" would have never given this a second thought. William Branham presented himself as a humble Kentucky minister who never collected an offering, living on a meager wage. Many cult leaders have presented themselves the same. Now, after having learned that hundreds of millions of dollars have amassed -- millions of which Branham himself collected -- the public eye has changed. Did this "plastic eyeball" play a part?

Why have we never heard this miraculous tale spun by William Branham's own publishing company? Why isn't THIS sold at VOGR? Are the Branhams making money from plastic eyeballs?