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William Branham and the Failed 1948 Doomsday Prediction

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William Branham and the Failed 1948 Doomsday Prediction:

Last week, we published articles -- by William Branham, Publisher of the Voice of Healing magazine -- describing the impending 1948 Armageddon. Branham used calculations and mathematics to create Clarence-Larkin-style illustrations to predict his doomsday. According to the last drawing, 1948 was America's final year.

When 1948 left and the world entered 1949, it was evident that Branham's doomsday prediction failed. But rather than admit this fear tactic was flawed, Branham continued the strategy. This time, he used a verse from Matthew 24 to claim that the atomic bomb was the final sign before Armageddon.

In a twist of letters, Branham used the verse warning Israel to flee for the mountains when they saw the "abomination that makes desolate." Branham removed the "ination" and added a "b" to claim that this verse referred to the "a-bomb"

The tone of this new "prediction" is much lighter and less direct. No direct end-date is given, and no mathematical equation to point to 1949 as the final year. Did Gordon Lindsay and Jack Moore tame William Branham?

Interestingly, the tone of the next article on the page is also much lighter than cult victims are familiar with. Branham's publication claims that television was a "triumph of engineering" in the "Providence of God" .

Though most in the "Message" no longer adhere to Branham's teaching, and though Branham himself did not follow his own rules, the vast majority of the "Message" cult forbade watching television or movies until recently. Branham later harshly condemned television and movies in public, while watching westerns and Marilyn Monroe movies in private.

Why do we not find these publications by William Branham for sale at Voice of God Recordings? Are they not proud of Branham's 1948 and 1949 doomsday predictions?

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