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William Branham vs. The Bible

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William Branham vs. The Bible:

Recently, a researcher was having trouble finding our page outlining some of the comparisons between William Branham's "teaching" and the Bible. It used to be on the front page, but when the website layout was upgraded several months back, it was moved under the "Back To The Bible" in the "Resources" section.

This page started as an attempt to outline the "teachings" of William Branham that were in direct conflict with passages of Scripture, but we abandoned the project. As time went on, it became very evident that it would be an unending task -- when you find one teaching that was either extra-Biblical or anti-Biblical, it unveils another. That one another, and another, and eventually it becomes a never-ending research project.

We also considered the idea of creating a page to identify what he got right. That, too, became an impossible project. When you mix an element of truth with any number of elements of false teaching, the truth itself becomes tainted. "A little leaven leavens the whole lump."

Therefore, the page was moved from the front page to the research section, and has not been chnged. If there's any of Branham's "teachings" that are directly against the Bible that you feel important enough that they should be added to the list, let us know!

If others are looking for it, you can find it here: