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William Branham and the 1948 Doomsday Prophecy - Part 2

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William Branham and the 1948 Doomsday Prophecy - Part 2:

Last week, we published a surprising article published by William Branham in 1948, describing what appears to be his first in a long line of doomsday predictions. In last week's issue, he used the mathematical statistics of World War 2 using the number 666. According to Branham's article, each major milestone in World War 2 lasted 666 days. According to William Branham, the final battle was raging, and by default, this would leave just 666 more days from the date of his publication in 1948.

In the November 1948 issue, Branham continued publishing articles supporting his doomsday prediction. This time, instead of the number "666", Voice of Healing used the number "2520." A full-page illustration mapped out the impending doomsday for America. The "2520 days" started with the "Japs" attacking Pearl Harbor, and according to the pattern of drawings, America would cease to exist 2520 days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Most cult victims in the "Message" have never seen these issues of Voice of Healing. Even those of us who have spent countless hours researching have never seen them until just now. Why are these articles, published by William Branham, not proudly sold by Voice of God Recordings? Are they not proud of Branham's illustrations? Why do they proudly present Branham's copies of Clarence Larkin's illustrations, but conceal Branham's own?

Those of you interested in reading Branham's doomsday prediction can find it here: