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William Branham 1954 "Nuggets"

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William Branham 1954 "Nuggets":

In the "Message," the cult following of William Branham, cult leaders often use the phrase "nuggets." Referring to Branham's "special insights" as nuggets, their congregations sift through the sermons looking for gold.

As it turns out, some of those "nuggets" can be found sprinkled throughout the articles of the publication company William Branham started, "Voice of Healing." Tremendous testimonies!" Why have cult leaders never mentioned them!

Take for instance the boy with the plastic eye. He was healed -- not his eye-socket, mind you, but the plastic replacement. According to Branham's publication company, the boy's plastic eye actually began to see as clearly as his real eye! Fantastic!

Why do cult leaders never share these kinds of "nuggets" with their people! Wouldn't you think they'd want their congregations to know that Almighty God brings plastic to life!

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