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UPDATE AND CORRECTION - William Branham 1954 "Nuggets"

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UPDATE AND CORRECTION - William Branham 1954 "Nuggets":

Earlier today, we published an article from a 1954 issue of William Branham's publication company, "Voice of Healing," describing a boy with a "seeing plastic eyeball."

Many today, having been educated with the basic understanding of how sight functions in the human body, realize that this gimmick was a parlor trick used to swindle people from their money. The plastic eyeball has no connectivity to the brain's optical center, and therefore does not produce sight.

Others, having been influenced by William Branham's "Message," began praising God for the plastic eyeball. We actually started receiving feedback telling us that "Message" cult victims were misunderstanding the sarcastic humor used in the blog post, and thought we were helping spread Branham's "gospel of divine healing."


Sometimes, when we see something as absurd as an advertisement promoting a "seeing plastic eyeball," you can either laugh or cry. Cry, because people of that era were largely uneducated to the extent they would believe it, or laugh because it would make a good Abbot and Costello skit. We simply chose the Abbot and Costello pathway. We absolutely do not believe that a plastic eyeball gave human sight, no matter whose advertising company published it.

One researcher posted an article further examining the seeing-plastic-eye boy, and apparently he refused professional examination. While Voice of Healing appears to have provided a "medical examiner" for the story, when asked for a second professional opinion, the boy refused and threatened to sue.

"When the late Ronald Coyne, a small-time "healer" from Oklahoma, came to our community, claiming that he could miraculously see through a "plastic eye," we offered to pay all expenses if he would submit to testing administered by a qualified ophthalmologist. He declined the offer and threatened to sue me. I urged him to do so, for the courtroom is a real arena for the examination of evidence. He took his "magic eye" con game and left town."