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William Branham and the 1948 Doomsday Prediction

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William Branham and the 1948 Doomsday Prediction:

Recently, we discovered several issues of "Voice of Healing" that were not available when we started researching the ministry of William Branham. Many were shocked to learn that William Branham started this advertising company as "Publisher," and later demoted himself to "Senior Editor" and finally to "Associate Editor."

Contained within these issues are several eye-opening articles. Reading through them it becomes very clear why these articles -- published by William Branham himself -- are not sold by Voice of God Recordings. Is Voice of God Recordings embarrassed to publish the works of "the prophet?"

One of the more interesting articles by William Branham is a calculation on the "impending" Armageddon. Using mathematics (as usual), William Branham "precisely" calculates the end of the world. And as we've pointed out with his other doomsday predictions, Branham's math is very flawed. Had we not found photographs of Branham proudly standing in front of a Texas college, we might even accept the "6th grade education" stage persona.

In the previous years' posts, we have examined several failed doomsday predictions by William Branham. It seemed that he gained a lot of mileage by threatening his listeners with impending death -- even when the previous predictions failed. It was at that point that we realized that Branham was just another in a long line of "doomsday prophets" who created "doomsday cults."

But we were unaware of his 1948 doomsday prediction.

In the September 1948 issue of Voice of Healing (William Branham listed as "Publisher"), Branham examines the recurring number "666" with each "milestone" in the Second World War. The problem? He appears to be fudging the number -- to the extent that he is off by over a thousand.

In the 1948 issue, Branham describes the "666 days" that Europe was invaded. He randomly chose a German campaign (the Allied Invasion of Sicily) as a starting point, claiming that German invasion and occupation started July 10, 1943.

But German invasion of Europe did not start in 1943. The German invasion of Belgium and the Netherlands, for instance, was May, 1940.

A complete timeline of German occupation of Europe can be found here:

This September 1948 article was a continuation of "The World in Prophecy" article from the previous month. When one reads both articles in full, they pave the way for Branham's climax. After leading his readers along with segments of "666" between each major milestone, he mentions the ongoing battle in Palestine -- implying there is only 666 days remaining before the End of Days:

"Never had the Jewish nation been independent since the days of the Babylonish captivity some 2500 years before. The war in Palestine at the time of writing is still going on. But Palestine is to become the center of a terrible conflagration, the focus of the final battle of the age -- Armageddon. Yes, it is true, Armageddon is at the doors. The coming Gifts of Healing are signs to both warn and prepare the church."
- William Branham, Publisher.

How many more doomsday prophecies did William Branham make? How many elders in the "Message" are aware of his many doomsday failures? Of those elders, how many own calculators, and have examined Branham's math?

The entire issue can be found here: