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Was William Branham Honest About His Education

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Was William Branham Honest About His Education:

As more people become aware of William Branham being "Senior Editor" of his advertising company, the majority of questions we are receiving seem to be about his education. Many are asking the same question: Was William Branham honest about his education?

Willam Branham, as many are aware, spoke very strongly against education -- especially higher education. As the questions were coming in, we suddenly realized that one of Branham's family photos does not quite fit in with Branham's stage persona: Branham posing in front of a plaque for the International Bible College. Why would Branham, a man so strongly against educating in theology, proudly posing in front of a sign for a school of theology?

Others, not fully understanding the significance of "Senior Editor," are suddenly educating themselves. Branham's claim to have been a grade-school dropout is fundamental in his "Message." From his "never knowing of" former Klan Congressman William D. Upshaw to his "visions" in the wilderness while "providing for his widowed mother," it is very important. If Branham was not honest about his education, then it is obvious he was not honest about his supernatural experience.

A senior editor is an upper-level executive who works in a publishing capacity. The editor typically oversees lower-level editorial positions including writers, proofreaders, copy editors and junior editors. This is not a person with a sixth grade education -- this is a person having an advanced understanding of the English language.

Was William Branham dishonest about his "limited" education? If so, to what end? To make his stage persona seem more "humble" and "unlearned?"

... or was a deeper, darker strategy being exacted upon his followers?