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Only Believe Wilbur Ogilvie

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Only Believe Wilbur Ogilvie:

This week, we published another article of William D. Upshaw testifying of another "healing." - not by William Branham, but by "Brother Ogilvie." Many started asking, "who was this Brother Ogilvie," and why was former Congressman Upshaw promoting his ministry?"

Before Upshaw (who had already been walking since the late 1800's) posed in William Branham's meeting as a wheelchair invalid, the former Congressman gave praise to Wilbur Ogilvie in Jack Moore's "Voice of Healing" magazine. But was Oglevie's connection to Roy E. Davis and William D. Upshaw's Klan agenda much deeper than just this one promotion?

We've published several articles describing the stockpiling of a cache of weapons in Shreveport, Louisiana, home of Jack Moore. Davis heavily advertised his terroristic white supremacy group in the early 1960's, and the records and weapons cache was destroyed just days after William Branham's death.

As it turns out, this 1949 issue of Voice of Healing has several interesting points to ponder, from the front page to the back!

Gordon Lindsay, WIlliam's first campaign manager, teamed up with Wilbur Ogilvie to form the "Ogilvie-Lindsay Ministry." And their ministry was quickly spreading, according to the article.

Even more insteresting, the Ogilvie-Lindsay ministry used Branham's theme song, "Only Believe," to start the article!

F. F. Bosworth also parted ways, joining with T.L. Osborne and C.O. Benham. Osborne, you'll remember, was a partner in what appears to be a shell corporation with partners Joseph and BIlly Paul Branham, Larry Ervin, Floyd Patterson, Fred Sothmann, and Kenneth Hagan.

Why did F. F. Bosworth, Gordon Lindsay, and Upshaw leave William Branham for another "healer?"

The full article from Voice of Healing can be found here: