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Another Healing of Congressman Upshaw -- By Brother Ogilvie

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Another Healing of Congressman Upshaw -- By Brother Ogilvie:

This year, we have published several "healings" of Congressman Upshaw. From his 1915 article where he claims he's been "healed" for twenty years, to his 1930's healing through Sargon elixir, to William Branham, Upshaw appears to have been healed many, many times.

In the book, "Stone Mountain to Dallas - The Untold Story of William D. Upshaw, we described the strange journey of Roy E. Davis as he rose from founding member and official spokesperson for the 1915 Ku Klux Klan to the Imperial Grand Dragon of the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Along this journey, the Georgia Congressman seems to make appearances along the way in key moments in Davis' agenda. In fact, Upshaw was caught lying to the California Supreme Court to protect Davis. Shortly after, in 1951, Upshaw entered one of William Branham's meetings in a wheelchair to be "healed." This was a milestone in William Branham's ministry, bringing hundreds of Pentecostal churches together and lifting him to a few years of fame.

But few are aware that Upshaw attempted to promote another "healer" before William Branham.

In the July 1949 issue of "Voice of Healing," the magazine created by Jack Moore to promote William Branham's ministry, a letter was published on page 7 that was written by former Congressman Upshaw himself. But this wasn't promoting Branham -- Congressman Upshaw was reporting on the miraculous Los Angeles meetings held by "Brother Ogilvie."

Interestingly, Upshaw makes mention of Ogilvie's wonderful healing of the lame who were made to walk. But makes no mention of his own inability to walk -- he claims that cancer was his "affliction." Was Upshaw walking when he entered the Ogilvie meeting? Did he switch "afflictions" when he entered Branham's meeting?

Here is the text of his letter:


Former Congressman Upshaw Reports on Ogilvie L. A. Meetings
By William D. Upshaw
2524 14th St., Santa Monica Calif.

Great and gracious blessings came to me during the recent Ogilvie meetings in Faith Tabernacle. I was impressed with the cordial fraternal spirit of Brother Ogilvie. He threw his arms around me saying, "Brother Upshaw, you inspired me when you spoke to the high school when I was a student." I was also impressed by the manner in which he called sinners to accept Christ as their personal Savior. First salvation for the soul, then healing for the body.

My wife and I were thrilled beyond words to witness the blind made to see, the lame to walk, the deaf to hear, and many other miracles of healing -- too many to be described in detail. I personally rejoiced in the healing touch of the Great Physician. For many years I have suffered from a cancerous growth on the side of my head. Twice it has been burned off by radium. But it was getting ugly and painful again. Brother Ogilvie prayed for me, commanding the cancer devil to come out in the Name of Jesus, the Great Physician. Then with assuring faith that dear young man touched the cancer and said, "It will dry up next week." And thank God it is gone!


Were Upshaw and Davis trying to lift "Brother Ogilvie" to fame for their Klan agenda? Would the "Message" cult today look the same if the people played tapes and sang praises to "Brother Ogilvie?" Would "Brother Ogilvie's" children be raking in hundreds of millions of dollars had it worked?

Apparently, it did not work. Ogilvie is just one of countless hundreds of ministers in the Post WWII Healing Revival. And Upshaw, fully-mobile since the late 1800's, entered Branham's meetings two years later -- in a wheelchair. He did not enter Ogilvie's meetings in a wheelchair, apparently trying to use "cancer" as his promotion rather than a wheelchair-bound invalid.

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