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Were The Branham Family Also Grifters

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Were The Branham Family Also Grifters:

Earlier this morning, we published a quote by William Branham that has opened up a strong possibility of the Branham family's connection with Klan leader Roy E. Davis prior to Davis' arrival in Jeffersonville. A statement by William Branham placed his mother and father in both Texas and Oklahoma during Roy E. Davis' days as a grifter. Davis travelled from town to town on the railroad, claiming to be a minister in several churches, while swindling the people out of their money.

One researcher pointed out a critical fact, and it was worthy of a second post to consider:

In Branham's statement, he gives the birthplace of his parents. He claimed that his father was from Kentucky, while his mother was from Oklahoma:

It reminds me of when I was at home. My father used to break bronco horses. He was borned in the state of Kentucky. My mother's from Oklahoma, and moved down into Texas, just above Paris. And my dad went west to breaking horses. And he was a quite a rider, and a very fine shot, and, with a gun.
Branham, 50-0716 - Believest Thou This?

The researcher pointed out that Branham's parents were not truthful on the 1920 United States Census. They claimed that Charles, Ella, William, and Winford were all born in the state of Kentucky. (William Branham was also not truthful, claiming that he and "nine of us" (60-0312 P 26) were in the log cabin in Southeast Kentucky)

Why were Charles and Ella untruthful about their place of birth? Were they grifters, traveling from town to town and swindling people out of money? Were they partnered with Davis?

The Census Document: