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Prophecies Stolen From The Associated Press

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Prophecies Stolen From The Associated Press:

For those of you asking about the article posted earlier concerning the sixteen men drowning during an Ohio River Bridge construction from Louisville to Jeffersonville in 1890, we have uploaded another example. There are some claiming the article we posted had been altered, or that the story was isolated -- insomuch that William Branham could not have stumbled across the historical event.

William Branham was raised from age three in the city where the event happened. He had access to the history; he lived surrounded by families of the deceased.

Any who wish to verify these newspaper articles can sign up for a subscription and search these keywords: "1890 Louisville Caisson" . You will find literally hundreds of articles from coast to coast verifying the historical drowning of sixteen men. You will also find a lessor number of 14 men before two more were found, and a few increases in death count after word came in that more had drown than originally thought.

The Associated Press picked up the story, and it was broadcast to the nation on January 10, 1890. This example is from the Lebanon (Pennsylvania) Daily News. As you can see, the details of the story are much the same--its the same article published across the United States.

From the article:

"Sixteen men working in a caisson used in the excavation of a foundation for a pier of the new bridge across the Ohio river between this city and Jeffersonville were caught by a sudden burst of water, caused, it is thought, by too rapid excavation, and are believed to have been drown."

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