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The Davis Brothers Jeffersonville Revival

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The Davis Brothers Jeffersonville Revival:

There are those who have questioned our research on Roy E. Davis, official spokesperson for the 1915 Ku Klux Klan who rose to the rank of Imperial Grand Dragon of the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Though our research is fully detailed with documents from the local, state, and federal government, and our newspaper articles include the newspaper's name and date for any skeptics to find for themselves, the mind-stopping techniques of the "Message" cult is very strong.

"Davis is a common name!" "How can you be sure that the Davis from Texas is the same Davis from Jeffersonville, Indiana?" "Voice of God Recordings has told us that the newspapers were destroyed in the 1937 flood -- these must be photoshopped!!!" :)

Others have claimed that William Branham was truthful about his life story, and the newspapers were incorrect about Davis being a Pentecostal minister instead of a Baptist. Huge portions of William Branham's life story are deemed invalid if this were true -- right down to God "smiting" Hope Branham because William Branham did not "join those Pentecostals." Yet here is another article describing the Rev. Roy E. Davis holding a "Pentecostal Revival." Some cult members read a few articles, and the cult's fear tactics prevent both their critical thought and their ability to continue reading the articles.

Interestingly, we came across an article in the Jeffersonville Evening News from 1931 at the local Jeffersonville Library that ties many aspects of our research together. (Evening News, April 17, 1931) Roy's brothers Dan and Wilburn Lee Davis joined Roy in Jeffersonville, Indiana soon after Roy fled Louisville, KY to escape charges of fraud, swindling, and underaged sex.

According to the newspapers we have uncovered at the local libraries, it was no secret that Roy Davis was a grifter and a swindler who liked to have sex with underaged women -- and left a trail of abandoned wives from Texas through the Southeast.

Why would William Branham -- who some still claim to be the "Messenger of God" associate himself with these people?

Our page on Roy E. Davis has been updated!

More on Roy Davis and his connection to William Branham can be found in "Stone Mountain to Dallas - The Untold Story of Roy E. Davis."