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Congressman William D. Upshaw - Unassisted By Crutches:

Earlier this month, we published information concerning two instances of Congressman William D. Upshaw being "healed" prior to William Branham's claim to have healed the congressman from a bedridden condition doomed to a life confined to wheelchairs. In 1915, the Congressman claimed to have been healed for twenty years. In 1930, the Congressman claimed that Sargon medicine had healed his physical body.

Later, in a 1936 article of The Morning News (Sat, Jul 18 1936), witnesses in Congress caught the Congressman running, unassisted by his crutches. According to his peers, Upshaw's use of his crutches was nothing more than a "costume."

Earlier this week, we published a photograph of the Congressman standing, unassisted by crutches.

This morning, we found a very interesting quote by William Branham. In this quote, he claims that the "invalid" Congressman came into his meetings in a wheelchair, but left on crutches -- healed to crutches!

Now, to you crippled people. There isn't any of you here as bad off as Congressman Upshaw. He was sixty-six years crippled, wheeled in a wheelchair, laid on beds, helped out AND WENT OUT WITH CRUTCHES. I never seen him or heard of him in my life, and God knows that's true. And here the man is tonight, standing before you, perfectly whole. See?
Branham, 51-0719 - Who Hath Believed Our Report?

Did the congressman change his story when he realized that so many people would recognize he was already on crutches?

As it turns out, the Library of Congress has yet another photograph of the Congressman standing, unassisted by crutches. In this photograph, William D. Upshaw is standing with his right hand pointing in the air (similar to how William Branham often did in his early photographs, and his crutch in his left hand.

The problem? ... it's in ... his HAND!

In the photograph, the Congressman is fully supporting his weight with his legs. His left thumb is the only part of his body supported by crutches, and it is obvious that his left arm is relaxed upon his "prop." Unfortunately, time has not been kind to this photograph. A portion of the photograph in the nose has been ruined, and looks to be far worse in need of healing than the Congressman's legs. Thankfully, the Library of Congress attached the name Rep. William D. Upshaw to the photograph.

Was William Branham being truthful? When former Congressman William D. Upshaw entered Branham's meeting confined to a wheelchair, was he really crippled? Or was it just another promotion, similar to that of his advertisement of Sargon?

Our page on Upshaw has been updated!

The original photograph in the Library of Congress: