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Voice of God Recordings and JJF Report 112.3 Million Dollars in Assets

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Voice of God Recordings and JJF Report 112.3 Million Dollars in Assets:

In 2011, published the federal tax returns for Voice of God Recordings, the business entity that was created for the sales of William Branham's legacy. Cult victims were shocked to see that the cult headquarters had amassed over a hundred million dollars in assets. The local news media picked up the story, their news report went viral, and suddenly the financial secrets of the "Message" cult were exposed.

Document here:

Shortly after, a new business was created in the state of Indiana. Suddenly caught with a hundred million dollars in hand, Voice of God Recordings created what some thought to be a shell corporation, Jehovah Jireh Foundation. The hundred million dollars "disappeared," and was deposited into the Jehovah Jireh foundation. It's purpose? "TO SUPPORT, EXPAND, AND ENHANCE THE SERVICES AND PROGRAMS OF VOICE OF GOD RECORDINGS, INC."

Document here:

Soon after, we started noticing strange (and what appears to be illegal or unethical) similarities in the history of the stakeholders in these "religious" businesses. Such as the 1984 creation of [alleged] shell corporations, created by Billy Paul and Joseph Branham, Larry Ervin, Floyd Patterson, Fred Sothmann, T. L. Osborn, and Kenneth Hagan.

Documents here:

Since then, we have waited for the cult's business entities to publish their tax returns. As it turns out, the wait is over!

We have updated our government documents page with the tax returns for 2012, 2013, and 2014. This includes tax returns for both Voice of God Recordings and the new Jehovah Jireh Foundation that was apparently created to be the "storehouse of money!"

Interestingly, while Voice of God Recordings is increasing by millions of dollars, the Jehovah Jireh Foundation is also increasing by millions of dollars. For the 2014 calendar year, Jehovah Jireh reported an income of $4.6 million dollars. While Jehovah Jireh "donated" $5.5 million dollars to Voice of God Recordings, it also increased $2.2 million.

When you combine the total assets for Voice of God Recordings and Jehovah Jireh Foundation, it comes to $112.3 million dollars ($112,365,382). This number only reflects the two Jeffersonville corporations, and does not include assets in the other related corporations. Since Jehovah Jireh Foundation was created with the sole purpose of funding Voice of God Recordings (and for the purpose of moving $100 million outside of VOGR's reports), it is our opinion that the numbers should be added together for total Voice of God Recordings assets.

But it gets even more interesting when you consider Schedule F of Form 990: Grants or Entities Outside the United States. Wire transactions are pushing millions of dollars to regions throughout the globe. Once outside the United States, these funds become untraceable. And considering the number of decades money has been distributed outside the United States, it is highly likely that assets are in the hundreds of billions of dollars -- not hundreds of millions that are reported in the US.

Is this money still being accumulated to purchase a "tent" for William Branham's "return ministry?" It must be an amazing tent! Is this money being accumulated for the betterment of Branham's offspring?

After learning of Branham's connection to Ku Klux Klan leaders Roy E. Davis and William D. Upshaw, and learning of the massive amounts of funds collected to stockpile weapons in Shreveport, Louisiana for Davis' terroristic Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, we have to ask the obvious question:

Are these millions of dollars being stockpiled to fund terrorism?

Our records page has been updated! You can find all of the tax returns here: