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Cult Pastors Gambled on Hillary Clinton for President -- BUT The Odds Were Against Them

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Cult Pastors Gambled on Hillary Clinton for President -- BUT The Odds Were Against Them:

Many of you were contacting us late into the night, asking questions and commenting on the 2016 election that resulted in a showdown between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump for President of the United States. Before altering his "prophecy" apparently to support Roy E. Davis' stance against John F. Kennedy, Branham claimed to have "prophesied" that women voting would result in a female president and eventually the destruction of the United States.

Cult leaders, now faced with the many documented cases of Branham's failed prophecies, twisted scriptures, and outright lies about his "supernatural life story," were gambling on Hillary Clinton winning the election. For the past several months, they have claimed that this election was the fulfillment of Branham's "prophecy" -- while unethically concealing Branham's alterations to that "prophecy" from their people. Should Clinton have gained the Presidency, their platforms of fear would continue for four more years. And four more years meant over two hundred weeks of collecting massive amounts of tithe while riding on the crumbling platform of Branham's ministry.

Now, having lost that gamble, will they continue misleading the people? Will they change, to be transparent about the many failed predictions that have led to the escape of many cult victims? Or will they start another fear strategy to continue their business of "ministry?"

In either case, eyes have been opened. Word is coming in that people around the globe were closely watching this election before passing their final judgment on the cult pastors, William Branham's "message," and the oppressive life the cult offers. Leading up to the election, many were confronted with the staggering list of issues in Branham's ministry, and were shocked to learn of his close ties to the Ku Klux Klan.

Many in developing nations, having no understanding of the Klan, were reading in shock as they learned of Roy E. Davis stockpiling weapons in Shreveport for a terroristic organization. They were recalling Branham's statements against President Kennedy while learning that Roy Davis was a strong leader in the anti-Civil Rights movement that organized the protests in Dallas that allegedly led to the death of Kennedy.

Many contacting me have asked our position in the election, and whether or not we were celebrating Hillary Clinton's defeat. But this is not a time of celebration. This is a time of action.

Have your cult pastors been honest with you? Was there "spiritual" motivation behind their gamble on Hillary Clinton? Was there "spiritual" motivation behind their concealment of Branham's alterations to that "prophecy" of the "woman President" -- which later became the "prophecy" of a "man president?" Did God tell them to overlook Branham's claims that this "prophecy" also predicted a "beautiful woman," or that it was "Mary" referring to the Catholic Church? Or were they purposefully concealing the many reasons why the "prophecy" had failed with the bullet that killed John F. Kennedy?