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Cult Minister Responds To Interview With In-Sight Journal

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Cult Minister Responds To Interview With In-Sight Journal:

Last week, we published an interview of John Collins, former member of William Branham's "Message" cult with In-Sight Journal. The interview seemed to have piqued the interest of several people both inside and outside the cult following. After its publication, hundreds of visitors began reading through the "Resources" section of Many, having learned for the first time that William Branham had close ties to the Ku Klux Klan, and that many of his "supernatural experiences" were in question, were curious to learn more.

Those of you who missed it can read the interview here:

Soon after John Collins' interview, a cult minister responded to In-Sight Journal. Given a similar set of questions, this cult minister was given his chance to respond to the growing number of problems identified with the ministry of William Branham.

His interview can be found here:

What do you think? Did this cult minister adequately answer the issues? Does he adequately explain why William Branham modified his "prophecies," or why so many of Branham's statements contradict themselves?

Do these answers persuade those informed to re-join the "Message?" Are they open and honest for new recruits? Or are these answers better suited for the uninformed and unsuspecting -- who are unaware of the critical issues that cult ministers have apparently concealed for so many years?