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William Branham and the 2016 Election

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William Branham and the 2016 Election:

Recently, we have been publishing information concerning events in Shreveport Louisiana during the 1960's that are highly controversial for the cult following of William Branham. Branham's mentor and teacher, the Reverend Roy E. Davis from Texas, was campaigning for the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. In the aftermath of his recruitment campaigns, it was learned that Davis was the Imperial Grand Wizard of the group, and that his white supremacy, terroristic organization was preparing to go militant. Disguised as the Louisiana Rifle Association, the OKKK was stockpiling weapons.

Interestingly, just days after Branham's death, the weapons disappeared and membership records for the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan were burned. The Federal Bureau of Investigation came up almost empty-handed, and Davis escaped to later work with the Dallas Indignant White Citizen's Council and Oak Cliff White Citizen's Council in Dallas, Texas to organize the protests at the Trade Mart. These protests appear to have been part of the plot to assassinate President Kennedy. Willie Somersett, a Ku Klux Klansman who was also an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, named Roy E. Davis as the actual triggerman that murdered the President. (Caufield, Jeffrey M.D. General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy).

As we began publishing the documents released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation through the Freedom of Information Act and the newspaper articles about Roy E. Davis, William D. Upshaw, and William Branham, traffic to our website and social media increased significantly. Cult followers, having been shielded from all controversial information about William Branham and the men he associated with, were suddenly learning about Branham's close ties to white supremacy groups and terroristic organizations.

At first, we received a large number of emails and online feedback claiming that our information was "opinion, not fact," or that the newspaper articles we published were created by our own graphics software. But when we began publishing videos and instructions to find their location (,,, Jeffersonville Public Library, Clark County Courthouse, etc), skeptics began to confirm the authenticity of our information. For the first time in the history of this website, we have a large volume of viewers silently watching, without negative comments posted in our Facebook threads.

The attention of the people has now been captured.

Cult leaders, now faced with questions as to why they concealed this information for the past 50+ years, have been working overtime to raise distractions. Some have published their own speculation as to how Branham could have been stating "truth" in the accounts disproven by historical documentation, and others have been recording and publishing "testimonies" that tell of personal experience in Branham's campaigns. Though evidence suggests a large number of fraudulent "healings," and though Branham's own campaign teams and hosts confirm the fraud in the meetings, cult ministers have been able to find a handful of people under the undue influence of the cult to "testify." But the "testimonies" appear to have had little effect. Testimonies of events having such strong evidence against William Branham are easily debunked, and for the most part, the person giving the testimony looks more like a "victim" than a "witness."

The greatest power cult leaders have over their people is indoctrinated fear. This strategy has held the cult together for decades, and cult leaders have mastered the art of generating a level of fear that has crippled their victims. It is no surprise that the most powerful tool in their arsenal of terror is also the most powerful controversy gripping the world today:

The 2016 Election.

William Branham used controversial political events as his platform for terror, and his strategy of political fear is deeply woven through almost every fundamental doctrine of his (political) religious cult. Politics were integrated into his "1933 (or 1931 or 1932) prophecies," as well as many of his doomsday speeches. In many ways, cult leaders have taken the easy way out — there is a plethora of statements William Branham made on recorded tape to generate fear, while there is a very minimal defense of Branham's claims in question. It is easy to see why they have they have used this election as a way to hold the cult together.

When it was announced that Hillary Clinton was nominated as the choice for the Democratic Party, feedback on our site began to increase once more. Many cult victims began sending us curses, describing how we'd "burn in hell" when a "woman became President of the United States." Ironically, these threats of eternal doom are very closely tied to Roy E. Davis, William D. Upshaw, the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and the Assassination of President Kennedy.

The cult has proudly boasted Branham's (inevitable) "prophecy" of a female President since Branham's death in 1965, largely unaware that Branham himself altered this "prophecy." Cult leaders are heavily promoting the 2016 election as an example of Branham's accuracy, unaware that they are speaking directly against William Branham himself.

William Branham did claim to have made this prediction. Though the cult has yet to provide Branham's hand-written list of "prophecies" that he claimed to have both "read from" and "buried in the cornerstone" of Roy E. Davis' (Pentecostal) Missionary Baptist Church, a few statements can be produced by William Branham claiming to have "predicted" a female president in 1933:

"I predict this: that a woman will be president before we're annihilated. That's right. I said that in 1933 by a vision."
Branham, 56-0428 - God's Covenant With Abraham

Interestingly, he gave the "name" of this "woman" in other sermons, and her "name" was not "Hillary Rodham Clinton." It was "Mary." And it was allegedly in 1931, not 1933:

"There'll come a worship of a woman in the United States, and that'll be Mary. I seen it, thirty—1931. Seven things happened. I got it right on paper here with me, wrote it in 1931.
Branham, 61-0319 - Jezebel Religion

In that same sermon, shortly after claiming "Mary" was the one he predicted, Branham claimed that "she" was "on the throne." (Referring to President Kennedy. Kennedy was Catholic, and the white supremacy groups were outraged that a Catholic was in office):

"And you precious colored people in the south, how you voted. You say, 'You got no business saying that in the pulpit.' Oh, yes I have; it's the Word of God. And the stain of—of Abraham Lincoln, the one that freed you, laying yonder in that museum on a woman's dress, and you sell your birthright. Shame on you. And you people, for politics, because you're just a good Democrat, voted for something like that and sold your birthrights of Americanism and Christianity to give it over to the prostitute that run us in this nation, what made us what we was. See how she's been creeping in real easy, until now she's on the throne (Sure.), the White House throne."
Branham, 61-0319 - Jezebel Religion

He also claimed that this "prophecy" came in 1932, not 1931 or 1933:

"Wrote twenty-three years ago. 'Before the end time comes, there'll be a woman, that'll be a great ruler in this nation. She will either be president or something on that order, some great woman. And at that time, automobiles, just before the coming of the Lord, will be in the shape of an egg.' Now, remember that; keep it in mind. See? That was in 1932, or something like that."
Branham, 55-0501E - The Faith That Was Once Delivered To The Saints

These are the types of statements that cult leaders promote as they attempt to grip their victims with fear. Branham claimed that this election of a female president was closely tied to the destruction of the United States, as well as to the Catholic Church's "invasion." Most cult victims are not aware of Branham's close ties to the Ku Klux Klan, or that the Klan also used the Red Scare in a strategy of political fear tactics. The Klan was strongly against the Catholic Church, and also spread propaganda that the Catholics would one day take control. When Branham used the name "Mary," it would have made a very good speech for a Klan recruitment rally.

But when John F. Kennedy ran for election, the Klan began to scramble. Kennedy was a strong Civil Rights Leader, and if elected to office, the Ku Klux Klan and similar white supremacy groups could face extinction. In 1960, Roy E. Davis began heavily campaigning against Kennedy, and began openly recruiting for the Ku Klux Klan while publicly denouncing Kennedy. It was during this time that William Branham changed his prophecy from the "women's vote" "wrongly electing" a "female president" to the "women's vote" electing the "wrong man." Literally, Branham's "prophecy" became polar-opposite from its "original" claim. As Davis began campaigning against Kennedy, Branham started claiming that the "women's vote" was going to put [Kennedy] in office:

"Said, 'We now have a president (Dwi... Mr. Roosevelt), and this Mr. Roosevelt will cause the world to go into a world war through his—in his time of his administration, his—his—as president,' and then said, 'And during this time they have permitted women to vote, which will be a curse to the nation. They'll elect THE WRONG MAN sometime.'"
Branham, 60-1125 — Conference

"I said, 'Then I seen a... They're going to permit women and are permitting women to vote. And by voting, they'll elect the wrong man some of these days.'"
Branham, 60-1211E - The Laodicean Church Age

Why did William Branham change his prophecy from a female president to a male president when Davis began campaigning against President Kennedy? Does "God" change his mind?

After President Kennedy was elected, Branham claimed that his "prophecy" was "fulfilled." Using President Kennedy's election to further fuel the fear of impending destruction, Branham claimed that the "declining" state of the nation was the fault of American women:

"I also seen they permitted women to vote, which was wrong. And said they would—they would someday elect the wrong man; they just did it."
Branham, 61-0128 - Why?

"It shall—also has been an evil thing done in this country; they have permitted women to vote. This is a woman's nation, and she will pollute this nation as Eve did Eden."
Branham, 60-1113 - Condemnation By Representation

Why are cult leaders still promoting William Branham's original "prophecy?" Do not they know that it was later reversed?

When one takes a step back from the cult doctrine, it quickly becomes apparent that William Branham's ties to the Ku Klux Klan was not the only issue with his speeches. Why was it the "women's fault?" Are not women just as capable of casting their vote as their husbands? Do their voices not matter?

Cult leaders have placed themselves in an impossible situation with the 2016 election. The "woman's vote" is not going to "elect the wrong man." Donald Trump's misogynous statements against women have turned the vast majority of women against him. If Trump wins the election, William Branham's second version of the "prophecy" will have failed. Most cult victims are unaware two versions of the "prophecy" exist, and cult leaders cannot allow this information to be exposed. Once cult victims begin examining the second version of the "prophecy," they will realize that the first version had failed.

On the other hand, should Hillary Clinton be elected, it is another impossible situation. She was not "on the throne" in the 1960's. And though it could be argued that Hillary is not religious — at all — she claims to be Methodist. Wikileaks has exposed emails mocking Catholicism, angering the Catholic community and risking loss of Catholic voters. Worse cult victims might someday learn of Branham's second version of the "prophecy" that he gave before specific groups during Kennedy's campaign and presidency. The questions of accountability that cult leaders will someday face will be much more difficult than trying to explain Branham's failed (and altered) prediction.

How will cult leaders respond to the outcome of the 2016 election? Will they be open with their victims, informing them that Branham claimed the target of his "prophecy" was "on the throne" in the 1960's? Will they inform them of the hidden agenda of the Ku Klux Klan, or explain the weapons cache that was accumulating in Shreveport, LA?

Is this why some cult leaders have claimed that Branham's sermons before 1963 are uninspired? Is this why some cult victims only listen to 1963-1965, the sermons after the death of President Kennedy?

Here are more examples of Branham's second version of the "prophecy":

Then when these women help elect the wrong person, then I seen a great woman rise up in the United States, well-dressed and beautiful, but cruel in heart. She will either guide or lead this nation to ruination. (I've got in parenthesis "perhaps Catholic church.")
Branham, 60-1113 - Condemnation By Representation

Women, given the right to vote, elected President-elect Kennedy—with the woman's vote, the wrong man, which will finally be to full control of the Catholic church in the United States; then the bomb comes that explodes her. There's seven things predicted, and five of them has already happened.
Branham, 60-1113 - Condemnation By Representation

Women's vote that put... Did you notice the rallies on the television? Nixon to be pretty near all men. All of them wanted to kiss Kennedy (the women), jumping astraddle the cars and everything like that, jumping up and down. {...} Then I said, "When they elected in Indiana, a twenty-two year boy—year old boy to be judge," the Spirit of the Lord came on me and I said, "They'll finally have a president that'll be one of these crew cut, playboy, beatnik-type presidents, a ladies' man." Now, them's predictions years ago. See where we're at? It's later than we think.
Branham, 60-1113 - Condemnation By Representation

Now, and you find out then that women given the rights to vote, and they elected a president that they should not have elected. See? That's that fall.
Branham, 60-1113 - Condemnation By Representation

Look at the prophecy the Lord give me in '33, how it would happen, "They'd permit women to vote. In voting, they'd elect the wrong person." Seven things was give, and five of them has already happened. The next thing was a great woman, a church, a power or something, would take over this United States, to rule. Then I seen it just like ashes, laying, where it come to the end. It was the end time.
Branham, 60-1204M - The Revelation Of Jesus Christ

And the women being permitted to vote would help elect the wrong person for this nation. And that's what they done. Exactly. Now, said, "That would be the beginning."
Branham, 60-1205 - The Ephesian Church Age

Now, so then I said, "There will be in that time, during that time the women will be permitted to vote, and they'll elect the wrong person." They did it on this last election. That's right.
Branham, 60-1208 - The Thyatirean Church Age

And I said, "Doing this, they're permitting women to vote. And when they do that, they done one of the greatest disgraces this nation ever done." And I said, "Someday they'll pay for it." And they did at this last election. That's what elected him: women.
Branham, 61-0319 - Jezebel Religion

And then I said, "The women has been permitted to vote. Which is a—absolutely a disgrace upon the nation. And in voting, someday they'll elect the wrong man." And they did that in this last election.
Branham, 61-0806 - The Seventieth Week Of Daniel

Didn't, twenty-five years ago, the Lord gave me a vision showing that the women, through permitting to vote, would elect—elect this ricky we got up here now, a modern Ahab setting there with Jezebel turning his neck?
Branham, 63-0126 - Investments

And how that they would permit women to vote, and, in doing so, they would elect the wrong President. And in this would be a woman stand up that would govern the United States; not actually a woman, but a church.
Branham, 63-1117 - Once More

There'll come a worship of a woman in the United States, and that'll be Mary. I seen it, thirty—1931. Seven things happened. I got it right on paper here with me, wrote it in 1931. How that I said, "This President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, he will cause all the world, help do it, send the world to war." Hadn't come to war yet, during time of the depression. I said, "Another thing..." And my mother, a square-back Democrat, if she didn't look at me hard when I said that. I said, "I don't care if there's a Republican or if he was a Socialist or whatever he is, this is THUS SAITH THE LORD."
Branham, 61-0319 - Jezebel Religion