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Congressman Upshaw and the Healing Power of Sargon

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Congressman Upshaw and the Healing Power of Sargon:

William D. Upshaw entered William Branham's "healing meeting" in a wheelchair, allegedly confined to beds and wheelchairs for sixty-six years. Was this the case? Or did he and William Branham conspire to deceive the people of the meeting?

In 1915, Upshaw claimed to have been bedridden only a brief time in the late 1800's, and to have been out of his wheelchair for twenty years. In 1930, Upshaw claimed that the healing power of Sargon medicine touched his body and freed him from physical ailment. In 1936, members of Congress noticed Upshaw using his crutches as a "costume," quickly running without touching them to the floor.

Did William Branham benefit from Congressman Upshaw's deception? Was this part of Roy E Davis' plan to rebuild the Ku Klux Klan?