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Congressman Upshaw Healed By Sargon

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Congressman Upshaw Healed By Sargon:

In November of 1930, shortly after Roy E. Davis was jailed in Louisville Kentucky for contempt of court in his trial for violation of the Mann Act (underaged sex), Congressman William D. Upshaw began advertising his "healing." This 1930 "healing" is surprising to the cult following of William Branham, since Branham claimed to have healed the Congressman of a lifetime "bedridden" and "wheelchair-bound" condition much later in 1951.

Earlier this month, we published articles describing Congressman Upshaw's claim to have been healed twenty years before 1915 in the Shreveport Times. Last year, we published articles describing witness testimony of the Congressman physically running as early as the late 1930's. While Branham's followers have been led to believe that Congressman Upshaw rose as a cripple from a wheelchair in 1951, the very active life of William D. Upshaw has placed this alleged "faith healing" in question.

But in 1930, Upshaw's healing from physical depletion did not come from a "faith healer" or minister of any sort. Upshaw began his advertising campaign for "Sargon Invigorator Pills." According to Upshaw, the pills were nothing short of a miracle.

"My first experience with this remarkable invigorator came in the summer of 1928, when Sargon was brand new. I was suffering from nervous debility and an alarming physical depletion as the result of over-work on the lecture platform, and really feared I would not have strength to get me through the political campaign of July and August. Unbelievable as it may seem, two bottles taken with the Sargon Pills simply made me over. After the most hectic speaking campaign through which I ever passed, I came out actually feeling far stronger than when I began. Later, rushing away on another speaking tour covering several states, I did not persevere in the daily use of the medicine until my system was thoroughly cleansed, with the result that twice since when I found myself again suffering from general debility, constipation and dizziness, and each time the Sargon combination has cleared me up and left me feeling tip-top. Living now in the aftermath of those refreshing experiences, I am moved by common gratitude to heartily commend this wholesome and effective medicine to everybody whose run-down condition calls for complete restoration."
- William D. Upshaw, Bakersfield Californian, Nov 28, 1930

The article claims that few people in America -- from coast to coast -- were as well known as William D. Upshaw. At that time, he was a recognized public figure for his work in the White House as well as his leadership of the Anti-Saloon league.

Why did William Branham later claim that he did not know the Congressman? Why did Branham claim that his father died before his finishing the sixth grade as a reason for this, when he preached his own father's funeral in the late 1930's?

Why did Upshaw enter Branham's meeting as a wheelchair-bound cripple man when "Sargon Invigorator" healed him in 1930? And why did he claim this "healing" in 1930, when he also claimed healing in the late 1800's? Was William D. Upshaw honest with the public about his physical condition?

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More information on the connection between William Branham and Roy E. Davis can be found in "Stone Mountain to Dallas - The Untold Story of Roy E. Davis":