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William Branham Heals Only The Purple Hands

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William Branham Heals Only The Purple Hands:

An article in the El Paso Herald-Post dated December 17, 1947 describes one of Branham's meetings during the early days of his career. According to the article, three hundred people filled out their names, addresses, and afflictions on "prayer cards." (And based on Branham's typical strategy in the "healing campaigns," Branham would have "guessed" the diseases written on the cards they handed in.)

Interestingly, the article described Branham's strategy with terminal illness. Cancer patients that approached "the healer" were asked to extend their arms and let Branham "test" their hand. If their hand turned red or blue, Branham could heal them. If their hand did not turn red or blue, Branham would tell them that there was little hope left for them.

Earlier this year, we published articles from William Branham's "healing campaign" describing Branham's description of the "tough cases," how they were "of the gradual kind" of healing. We also published testimonies from men involved in his early campaign describing the many "healed" in Branham's meetings who died of the afflictions that brought them to the "healer," such as the tragic case of Donnie Morton and the many described by Alfred Pohl's testimony.

If Branham's "angel" healed even the mightiest of diseases during his meetings, why did Branham test the circulation of his "patients" before "healing?" Did his "god" really care whether or not they had poor circulation? Why were many "healed" in the "gradual way?" And who can be a "tough case" for God?

This article was written during a time when the general public was uneducated on matters of health or science. Many would have been unaware that the red or purple of their hands indicated the temperature and blood flow of their circulatory system.

But the problem is that William Branham himself claimed to be uneducated. Yet he was obviously testing the circulation of his "patients," during a time when little was known about the deadly disease. Was William Branham honest about his education level?

Was William Branham's "god" too weak to cure a cancer patient with poor circulation? Was healing from Branham's "god" so weak that they were "of the gradual kind?" Or was William Branham trying to see which "patients" would last long enough for him to move to the next town after collecting what his campaign managers called "suitcases full of money?"

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