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Voting For Hillary Or Trump

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Voting For Hillary Or Trump:

As the election is drawing near, many members of the "Message," the cult following of William Branham have filled their facebook pages with political humor, advertisement, and more.

For the first time a woman ran for President of the United States since Victoria Woodhull's campaign of 1872, a female is running for office. And many in the cult are excited about Branham's "prophecy" for a "woman president," unaware that Branham claimed this "prophecy" was somehow fulfilled with President John F. Kennedy. (Which William Branham blamed on African Americans and women voters).

Interestingly, several women in the religious cult are also voting -- against Branham's teaching. There are many rules Branham imposed upon his following, most of which the casual "Message" member do not know exist. Women voting is one such rule.

Women are not allowed to vote (according to William Branham) because it is not "dainty," and voting was "acting like a man." Branham allegedly could "prove it by the scriptures," but never did. (And obviously avoided sermons about the women leaders of the Bible, such as Deborah, the female judge (ruler) of Israel)


Quote: "I think it's a shame that women has lost their dainty, feminish place. It's a disgrace. I tell you it is. It's… You know, I'm going to say this. Now, I'm not talking about you women here, But 'course if it hurts, it just does. But look; let me ask you something. It used to be that women was so feminish till men would go to talking to them and they'd blush. Huh. What is blushing anyhow? I haven't seen it in so long I wouldn't even know what it was if some woman blushed. They haven't got any of that dignity any more, all that there fine feminish spirit. They're just… They can… They'll wear clothes like a man, cut their hair like a man, smoke like a man, drink like a man, cuss like a man, VOTE LIKE A MAN work like a man, so, become rough, burly. Oh, my. That shows where you've got to. That's exactly. That little ladylike, you don't see her much more; she's a hard person to find. Isn't that right? Yes, that's the truth. So a woman is not supposed to stand up and act like a man, big and burly, because she's dainty. God made her that way. I can prove that by the Scriptures."
- Branham, 53-0729 - Questions And Answers On Genesis


Let's take a poll! Did your cult church allow its female members to vote? Did they follow all of Branham's rules, or selectively choose which ones were less painful?

A full list of rules can be found here: