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Congressman Upshaw In Shreveport 1915 -- HEALED

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Congressman Upshaw In Shreveport 1915 -- HEALED:

Earlier this month, we published several articles detailing Imperial Wizard Roy E. Davis' very active recruiting for the Ku Klux Klan in Shreveport. Also, we published the results of his work: a heavily armed terroristic organization. Just days after William Branham's death, all of the Klan records in Shreveport were destroyed, and it was learned that the Louisiana Rifle Association was actually a Ku Klux Klan organization that was quickly becoming militant. Most of the artillery also disappeared shortly after Branham's death.

This is interesting to our examination of the REAL life story of William Branham. Rev. Jack Moore of Shreveport was largely responsible for the creation of this "faith healer," with the help of former congressman William D. Upshaw and Rev. Roy E. Davis. Upshaw and Davis, as newspapers and government documents show, were largely responsible for the spreading of the 1915 rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan.

As it turns out, Congressman Upshaw -- the Klan's plant in Washington -- was also very active in 1915 when the Klan was being reborn. And his activity leads straight to Shreveport, Louisiana, home of Jack Moore who later became William Branham's promoter and campaign manager.

In an article in the Shreveport Times, May 8, 1915, Upshaw makes some personal statements that are very damning towards Branham's claim of healing Upshaw from a "bedridden state" as a "wheelchair patient." His statement, ironically, was a special report, only published in the Shreveport Times.

While Branham claimed to have healed Upshaw from a wheelchair in the 1950's, Upshaw claimed that he was no longer confined to a wheelchair or a bedridden condition. In fact, Upshaw claims that his invalid state only lasted seven years:

"The name of 'Earnest Willie' was given me when I was on bed for seven years dictating letters for the papers, and it stayed by me for a while nearly twenty years ago when I used to lecture from a rolling chair, but now I am a man -- the editor of one paper, the husband of one wife and the daddy of a red-headed baby girl and I guess it is time for me to be called the husband of Mrs. William D. Upshaw."
- Congressman William D. Upshaw, The Times, Sat May 8, 1915.

Branham, contrary to the testimony of Upshaw in 1915, claimed that the Klan's Congressman was an invalid for sixty-six years, rolled around in beds and wheelchairs:

You can stand up and heal for THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD, He has had respect unto you and you are healed." After being a invalid for sixty-six years, rolled in beds and wheelchairs, a that old Congressman jumped to his feet, ran to the platform without crutches, without anything, touched his toes like this, and he could almost do a handspring, and was perfectly normal and well.

Why did William Branham make this claim? Why did the former congressman later change his testimony? Did they have other motives?

Also of interest is that Upshaw speaks strongly against those who devote their lives to the study of Christianity -- just as Branham did. After being called "Dr.", Upshaw claimed that men with these titles "have never won a soul to Christ since the world was made."

Our page on William D. Upshaw has been updated!

More information on the connection between William Branham and Roy E. Davis can be found in "Stone Mountain to Dallas - The Untold Story of Roy E. Davis":