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Jonestown Newsletter Examines Cult Mind Control

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Jonestown Newsletter Examines Cult Mind Control:

Alternative Considerations of Jonestown & Peoples Temple, sponsored by the Department of Religious Studies at SDSU, has published their fall newsletter. This fall, the newsletter features an article by John Collins and cult mind control expert Steven Hassan examining the undue influence that contributed to the massacre of over 900 men, women, and children in Jonestown Guyana.

Excerpt from the article;

im Jones, the central figure of the cult group, emerged from the Post World War II Healing Revival during a time when the Red Scare and fears of atomic destruction gripped the hearts of the nation. Revivalists of the era – including some who added claims of prophetic insight – upon this fear to persuade listeners that their days to accept the revivalist's particular flavor of faith were numbered. William Branham, who is credited as the catalyst that ignited Jim Jones' ministry, had several "doomsday" predictions.Only two months prior to a series of "healing" meetings held with Jones at the Cadle Tabernacle in Indianapolis,Branham predicted 1956 as the final year for America to accept his version of the "Gospel." In Branham's description of Armageddon, Communist Russia would bomb his and Jones' region of northern Kentucky and southern Indiana. Jones later used the same strategy by building upon that same fear by claiming to have had a prophetic vision of Indianapolis being consumed in a holocaust from a nuclear explosion. This strategy of using fear tactics to control his following would continue until the massacre, and is just one of many techniques used by Peoples Temple to control the minds of its victims.

The article: