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Colonia Dignidad and Jonestown

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Colonia Dignidad and Jonestown:

Alternative Considerations of Jonestown & Peoples Temple, sponsored by the Department of Religious Studies at SDSU, has published their fall newsletter. This fall, the newsletter features an article by John Collins comparing the William Branham cult tragedy that happened at Colonia Dignidad to the massacre that happened at Jonestown, Guyana.

Excerpt from the article:

Branham's prediction of nuclear Armageddon that directly shaped Jim Jones' religious and political ideology also influenced Paul Schäfer through the worldwide spreading of Branham's religious cult following called the "Message." Although Schäfer would not be largely affected by the bombing of Indiana, Branham's doomsday predictions also included the destruction of Germany. The impact of the predictions upon Jones and Schäfer were virtually simultaneous. In 1961, the same year of the Branham-Jones revival at the Cadle Tabernacle in Indianapolis, Branham travelled to Karlsruhe, Germany and held a similar campaign of meetings in the fading Healing Revival. By the end of that year, Jim Jones had fled America mysteriously for Guyana, South America; and ministers Schäfer and Baar had departed Germany with 70 members of his sect of Branham's "Message" cult to Chile, South America to found Colonia Dignidad. Schäfer's commune would continue to grow through the hard labor and devotion of its victims. By 2003, Colonia Dignidad was labeled as one of the world's richest communes.

The article: