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William Branham and the Florence Nightingale Photos

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William Branham and the Florence Nightingale Photos:

Some time ago, published a study of one of Branham's "healed patients." Many were shocked to learn that Branham's description of one "Florence Nightingale" was largely inconsistent, and portions of his story proven to be false.

After learning that William Branham misused the name "Florence Nightingale," falsely misleading his listeners to believe the Red Cross leader had "grandchildren," many began noticing that Branham's advertisement for healing looked similar to other holocaust victim photographs from the persecution of the Jews under Nazi Germany. Many began asking, "Did William Branham misuse a photograph of a holocaust victim to promote himself?

Fortunately, technology now exists that recognizes the facial features from a photograph. While Branham's listeners during his time were unable to confirm or deny his claim, we can now compare the faces in these two photographs using this technology.

What do you think? Do they match? Let's take a poll!!!! Who thinks they match? (NO CHEATING -- GUESS BEFORE WATCHING THE VIDEO!)