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Former Congressman Upshaw Caught Lying about Roy E. Davis

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Former Congressman Upshaw Caught Lying about Roy E. Davis:

Researchers have located several additions to the collection of the Roy E. Davis, William D. Upshaw, and William M. Branham saga. Of interest is a large photograph of Klan leader Roy E. Davis sitting beside his attorney, Albert D. White, as he sat before Federal Judge Peirson M. Hall on charges of impersonating an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In the early 1940s, Former Congressman and temperance leader William D. Upshaw connected with Roy E. Davis to establish the Ussher-Davis Children's Oprhanage -- which appears to be one of many in the line of "charitable organizations" that were fronts for the Ku Klux Klan. In this particular instance, Congressman Upshaw told Miss Elizabeth Ussher that Roy E. Davis was an investigator for the Federal Government. Impersonating a federal agent is a felony offense in the United States.

As it turns out, Miss Ussher was not the only person that former Congressman Upshaw lied to. He became noticably upset during the trial when prosecuting attorney Moses reminded Upshaw that he had made a similar statement to an F. B. I. agent in March of 1944. Apparently, Congressman Upshaw was spreading false statements around San Bernardino to promote Davis as an honest man.

Those of you familiar with the saga remember that it was this event that led to the formation of the Branham campaigns. Though crimes were stacked against Upshaw and Davis, they managed to escape all charges and sued several government officials for $500,000. Less than a year later, (with several thousand dollars under their belts), Branham held his first highly publicized campaign of "healing services" in Davis' home state of Texas. Upshaw -- who had been witnessed physically running as early as 1936 -- posed as a wheelchair patient in one of Branham's meetings. When Upshaw rose to his feet "healed," Branham rose instantly to fame.

New articles added to our Roy E. Davis research page:
Los Angeles Times, Friday April 19, 1944
Los Angeles Times, Friday April 21, 1944
San Bernardino County Sun, Sept 12, 1944

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