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Interesting Coincidence In Branham's Death

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Interesting Coincidence In Branham's Death:

Earlier this week, we published an article in The Shreveport Times describing the destruction of Ku Klux Klan records and missing weapons during the Federal Bureau of Investigation's probe into the arms dealing and terroristic activities of the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Branham's creator and mentor, Roy E. Davis (Imperial Grand Dragon of the group) had sparked this investigation with a highly publicized membership drive into his rebirth of the "old ways," an attempt to take the Ku Klux Klan back to their militant origins. We also pointed out how the political statements in Branham's sermons aligned with the Klan's propaganda of the times, telling the African Americans that they should be "satisfied in the state [they are] in, so they don't need those things." with regards to desegregation of schools. (63-0628M) And we pointed out how Branham was holding series of meetings in Shreveport during Davis' membership drives.

After publishing the newspaper articles, it was pointed out to us that the timeline of the missing weapons and Klan records is highly suspect. The article was published after the investigation, January 5, 1966. Though the article does not state how long the Federal Bureau of Investigation put pressure on Davis and his terroristic organization, we can assume that their investigation went on for a few days.

It was shocking to learn that William Branham died only a few days before the publication of the F. B. I.'s learning that the weapons were missing and Klan records destroyed, December 24, 1965 -- less than two weeks prior.

Was there more to Branham's death than meets the eye? Or did his death open the door to the F. B. I.'s full investigation into the ties between William Branham and Roy E. Davis, whom he praised and promoted throughout his sermons?