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William Branham Caught Lying To Hide His Connection to Congressman Upshaw

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William Branham Caught Lying To Hide His Connection to Congressman Upshaw:

Yesterday, we published newspaper articles describing former Congressman William D. Upshaw lying before federal prosecutors to conceal his connection to Ku Klux Klan leader Roy E. Davis. Many were shocked to learn that Upshaw assisted in the swindling of the Los Angeles / San Bernardino area by claiming Davis was an investigator for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In Toledo, Ohio, William Branham used the same strategy in a 1951 meeting with Ern Baxter. As Branham began speaking, he recognized former Congressman Upshaw in the audience, and had a difficult time explaining how he was unfamiliar with the nation's temperance leader. Branham (falsely) claimed that his ignorance in the matter was due to his poor education. And that poor education, Branham claimed, was a result of his father dying young -- before he was able to finish his sevenths grade education:


And I never heard in my life of this gallant man, Mr. Upshaw. I… You know in my talk that I'm uneducated. I was raised in a big family of ten children. I got not even a grammar school education. Seventh grade was as far as I got in school. I had to go to work, take care of nine children. My father wasn't very healthy, died young, and I had to work. I never got my education, I would've knew mister Upshaw.
- Branham, 51-0719 - Who Hath Believed Our Report?


Those of you familiar with the many inconsistencies in William Branham's life story are aware that Branham was also untruthful concerning the timeline of his father, brother, sister-in-law, wife, and daughter's death. Though death certificates and newspaper obituaries tell a much different story, Branham claimed that these family members all died during the 1937 flood:


I remember one day after my—I'd lost my wife, my baby, my father, and brother. Wife and baby died a few hours apart. I was going, walking up the road, a pair of boots on. It was right after the '37 flood.
- Branham, 53-0601 - Whatever He Says To You, Do It


If the Toledo, Ohio audience had access to the world wide web, and could examine the newspaper and court documents invalidating Branham's claims, they might have questioned why Branham made this statement in denial of his association with Upshaw. Charles Branham's obituary describes Charles as the father of "the Rev. William Branham, pastor of the Pentecostal Tabernacle." -- not the father of a small school child.

Why did William Branham avoid his connection to the Ku Klux Klan leaders? Was there more to his connection to Upshaw and Davis than meets the eye?

Find out!

More information on the connection between William Branham and Roy E. Davis can be found in "Stone Mountain to Dallas - The Untold Story of Roy E. Davis":