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Update and Correction

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Update and Correction:

Earlier this morning, a researcher sent us a video of John Kasper speaking with Billy Branham in Anderson County Kentucky. In the video, Kasper referred to his strong support of the White Citizens Council and the Ku Klux Klan, both of which were white supremacy groups led by William Branham's mentor Roy E. Davis from the states of Texas and Louisiana. We posted clips from the documentary, in which Kasper mentions "Billy Branham." These events were leading to the bombing of Clinton Tennessee High School, after harsh race riots ripped the town at the seams.

Though the documentary describes Kasper's support of the religious community of Kentucky, and describes the statements made by Billy Branham prior to his speech, we cannot be 100% certain WHICH Billy Branham he was referring to. Kasper's speech does sound like he is supporting a minister named Billy Branham, however there was another Billy Branham making news in the nearby town of Louisville.

Louisville Kentucky was also a hotbed of racial turmoil during desegregation. A high school student from Michigan started his own activist groups in Louisville, determined to disrupt the desegregation of Kentucky schools. His name was also "Billy Branham."

Our post from this morning has been retracted.